20 thoughts on “EuroDouche”

  1. Manly men don’t fuck each other? I beg to differ I know some gay guys who are far more ‘manly’ than some ‘breeders’ o_O

  2. Um, real men can take it up the chuff… And I know plenty of manly men… EuroDan is a douche, too, btw…

  3. “For Pete sake”?? and he wants manly men, that sounds like it came straight from the lips of Jack McFarlane!!

  4. Wow … another guy you are picking on because he has a preference on what kind of guy he is attracted to.
    Gay men come in all types of mannerisms — from manly to the most feminine acting. {{“MANLY” men generally don’t fuck each other, douchebag. Accept your kind.}}
    — I think you need to take your own advice here. Respect the fact that someone is different from you.

  5. The most attractive men are the ones who secure enough with themselves that they don’t have to hate on anyone who does not meet their self-imposed “butch scale”.

    Anyone with a lisp? Who are you hanging out with? Paul Lynde? Charles Nelson Reilly? Cindy Brady? Sheesh!

  6. Clean? in reference to what? There are plenty of other ways to sero-sort without implying poz guys are “unclean”. Horse-faced cunt.

  7. These comments are HILARIOUS.
    They show exactly why he’s only into other masculine men.
    Looks like this guy, who’s not a douche, btw, rejected the lot of you, within several short sentences.


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