15 thoughts on “Needs Black Dick”

  1. He couldn’t handle black dick anyway; I know the type. Get the head in and “owwwwwww, it hurts!!!” Wimp. But I have to thank him, too — more big black cock for me! 😉

  2. “He’s looking for hung TOPS. black men are notoriously known for having big cocks…”

    and yet, if we want to stereotype, also known for being aggressive mandigos in bed. What if he’s looking for a balanced alternative?

  3. I’ve made a few blacks scream. I’ve met some who could really take it. But what really turns me on is watching the color contrast between 2 guys of dfferent races going at it

  4. He’s 25, with a such a repulsive stomach? Ick. He is sucking it in and it still looks freakishly gross. He says he’s a Jock? Not hardly.

  5. He’s neither a douche nor racist. He just wants other white men.
    What’s wrong with that? Is it because he dare not fit into what you think he should desire? Who are you to make that judgement?

  6. Nah, not a racist at all. As a bottom he might not be “able to take a black cock” but he doesn’t want one so…. who loses? But if he wants a big, white cock attached to a skinny redheaded bloke – I’ll fuck him. I’ll fuck him good.


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