KoOl DoUchE


Well now we can all relax now that we finally understand how gay people should act… when they are acting straight on Grindr.
KoOl DoUchE on grindr

Animal Cruelty DOuche

Now this just ain't right.

BiBi Douche


Who was that masked douche?

Cnrist, she must be ugly under that thing.

Ginger H8 Douche


ginger hating grindr douche

Chill Douche


chill grindr douche needs to chill for realz
He must have gone to the wrong parade this year.

Limited Fun Torso Douche


Well he wants to have fun, but isn’t this grindr douche kind of limiting himself?
another grindr douche

Size Douche


size queen grindr douche
Well they say there are two kinds of gay men, size queens and liars. Well at least this one isn’t lying.


Walmart Douche


Don’t waste this grindr douche’s time- he’s at the Walmart. Probably in the bathroom no less.

Total Dickhead Grindr Douche



It doesn’t get much worse than this grindr douche.


All your douchebag needs from the profiles of Grindr. Tumblr censors. Long live the public web.