29 thoughts on “No Blacks? Really?”

  1. I’m black, and I’m not really into black guys, but I will not say no. I come across a few black guys that I thought were hot. But I’m nothing like this prick. I think there is a better way of saying you’re not into certain race. But hey we have our likes and dislikes.

  2. This guy reminds me of my ex who is african american + puerto rican. Who dates everyone who isn’t black. SELF HATRED at it’s finest. Sadly there are many black guys like this one, and my ex. Who hates themselves.

    1. I’m generally not attracted to white people… I don’t hate myself. You people are incredibly stupid and insecure.

  3. Embarrassing, id never date anyone like this, just based on principle. If a spanish guy didnt want to date me bc im spanish, id be really hurt. So he needs to just accept his blackness, and stop acting like its a bad thing because no matter what he does he will always be black.

  4. Considering how many white men are on grindr that put no blacks (no offense), this is hardly a drop in the well. It’s not racist to like who/what you like, but it sure as hell is rude to state it on a service where you can easily ignore anyone you’re not interested in.

    If you’re not into me, don’t talk to me, it’s that simple.

  5. Mixed my ass! If he is mixed I must be mixed as well. We are the same complexion. I hate when people who are not white will go out their way and say “no ”

    Nothing like self-hatred.

  6. Ok he is BLACK, no where near mixed with anything. But someone else said, the number of guys on grindr that display racism is quite surprising. I live in Texas and every I go down here there are at least 30+ profiles that say “no” simply based on race

  7. So many like self-hating Sha, though. A professor named Dwight McBride devoted an entire chapter in his book Why I Hate Abercrombie and Fitch to black and brown online self-hatred and the contemporary vogue for self-describing online as “mixed” instead of black to please white folks. It’s like the Black Power movement, black self-love, and black liberation never happened. These kids are more f*cked up than their great-grandparents ever were in terms of loving themselves and being proud of being black. Do white folks describe themselves as “mixed” or anything but white? And to think we actually have a black president now and these black kids get worse and worse. Can’t anyone reach them before they turn into race-sick, self-hating MFs like this “Sha” person?

  8. No matter what race you are,if you can’t see the beauty and sexiness in your own race that is a serious problem. But the bigger issue is where this all stems from…in gay culture,the “IF IT AIN’T WHITE,IT AIN’T RIGHT” mentality prevails. In the media,in porn,at clubs…we are bombarded with the message that only white gay men are considered sexy/beautiful.

    1. I see what everyone saying. But truth, is who you attractive too. I know what I like. I go after what I like. But not everyone the same. I like guys, who love themselves. Bad enough, the world put down folks. I had my share of differ types of guys. I pretty much, like white guys.but if black or other race wants to talk to me. I respect them, and talk to them. As long, I get the respect they given me.

  9. Sha could be Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, or Brazilian. But I’m sorry, honey. You could sit a bathtub full of bleach and all you’d ever be “mixed” with is Clorox! You ain’t ever gonna be anything but black sugar so you might as well embrace it!

  10. This guy has a common attitude among many black gay men. It’s a natural (sad, but true) response to the racism that exists in the gay community. Yes, it exists in the real world too, but has a deeper effect in the gay community.

    @Ziggy: Preach, man. Preach. You are so right on!

    @Matt: Sorry dude, but you are way off point. A white guy not being attracted to other whites is different from a black or asian not being attracted to their own. Whites are not discriminated against (save the reverse racism speech because it won’t sell here) and have no reason to feel insecure. Whites are validated in the gay community all the time. Blacks and asians are demoralized and demonized. That’s why your statement doesn’t hold water. If you can’t understand this, it’s ok. We are not on MTV’s The Real World and I have no desire or need to educate you.

    1. I agree, this why I don’t get involved in gay world. I stay to myself and still respect others to get it back. I hate racist people, and self centered folks. White,black,brown or yellow should respect one another.if we as people of this world, can’t get along, then, why have anything to do with them. We made diffent shades for reason. It be boring if everyone was same color. Pretty much we all are same brown. Just different levels of color. From white chocolate to dark chocolate.

  11. Ok, my ancestors were black, indian, white….but I identify myself as black. I love that I’m black and never imagine myself as anything other than black. If I were to label myself as “mixed” I probably couldn’t help but feel artificial for attempting to appear as something I’m not or as though II was trying to dilute who I really am. I’m gonna save the rant, but yeah my bf is white and a sexy motherfucker, but I have been attracted to a member of every race male and female. It’s things like this, I just don’t understand. I have a friend like Sha, very sad. Well, good luck in your endeavors Sha.

  12. I agree with Matt #14. I’m a big guy…and I’m not into other big guys. They don’t turn me on…it’s not self hate. If I said women don’t turn me on, would that make me a chauvinist pig? No…it means I’m gay…and not attracted to women. Same thing goes for other big guys…I’m not attracted to them. HOWEVER…I wouldn’t put it in my profile “no fats” etc. The negativity is a problem. If he had said, “I’m really into white guys” I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I think people need to look at themselves and ask are they pissed off cuz this guy is truly racist (debatable) or because they are offended that he’s not into them? I’m used to guys not being into me cuz I’m big. It’s not what they’re into. I totally get it…but I WILL say…politeness about it is the only non-DB way to handle it.

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  17. Lmao this N****r thinks it’s mixed. Lmao I’m crying So much for black lives matter eh? Most of you people hate your own. 96 percent of the blacks I’ve known (mostly the males) have professed a deep hatred for their own. They especially hate black women and swear only white girls are for them. I’m so glad we whites love each other


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