30 thoughts on “Choosey Grindr Bottoms Choose Douche”

  1. It’s even the same silly “I choose the guys” thing the other profile had. It’s gotta be Levy, I mean if a congressman from Puerto Rico was stupid enough to post a pic of his butt on Grindr, it’s not that far fetched that a telenovela star does the same. Telenovela stars are not intelectual powerhouses and some of them are borderline ape like intelligent.

  2. This is fake. The picture is of a guy named William Levy. He is a Cuban actor very popular in Latin America. Don’t know why he would say he’s not into Latino since he is one. And I’ve seen a few other fake profiles using the same picture. Doubt he can be in a million places at once….

  3. OMG ! if he’s available, send him over NOW!!! racist douche or not, i’d fuck the shit outa that hot totty! and then never call him agin. unless the vidjo recorder dint work.

  4. Please pick me!!! I have really low self esteem and need to have my heart broken by someone who doesn’t give a shit…

  5. Totally fake. This is a photo of William Levy. Cuban actor, on telenovelas on Univision, or Telemundo. Google him. He models too. If you’re gonna post a fake pic, at least choose someone who’s not famous.

  6. this guy is a douche due due to the fact that he hasn’t fucked with a latino prob due to the fact he fives toothy blow jobs my 9.5 inches does not liked to be grazed with teeth!!!!!

  7. Funny how he’s not into latin dudes but uses a fake pic of a latin actor. This guy must be butt ugly and desperate.

  8. It’s funny bc the picture on there is of a Cuban Actor named William Levy..yet this person doesn’t like latinos…and it’s not even his face!

  9. lol this sshole is an idiot first off this pic is of a mexican actor named william levy…so hes prolly a fat ugly bald toothless idiot troll lol

  10. Guys this is a fake but it’s not the cuban actor you guys are talking about. He is a Youtube singer, you can find him under the name joseygreenwell, which is also his real name.

  11. What the hell is this guy thinking?
    Does he actually think that we don’t know all the sexy celebs from around the world?!
    We are goddamned connisuers of porn and hot naked men.
    Grow some balls and use your own pic or not one at all!!!

  12. posing as william levy – lame. and william is cuban not white. super douche. whats the point of posing as someone else?

  13. That guy is the Cuban actor/model William Levy. Levy is heterosexual, currently married to Elizabeth Gutierrez, and has two kids with her. It’s sad that this guy had to use William for his picture. xD


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