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106 thoughts on “Submit Your Douchebag”

  1. i just wanna say THANKS for this site, i’m gonna be sending soooooo many douchebags your way. i wish i had thought of this – i’m so sick of self-loathing racist arrogant douchebags on grindr!!!!


    1. Brandon, i dont know where you’re at but when it comes to Supreme Maga Douches I think the Louisville, KY area takes the Cake!

    2. I agree. I’m not sure what happen with just being nice. Just because I day hi. It doesn’t mean I want to sleep with them.

  2. I just noticed that you call people out for being racist and shallow but you leave comments calling people “Phayutt!” Seems kind of douchey. Just a thought.

    1. Oh, honey, I’m sorry we called you “Phayutt” when it’s clear that we should have actually called you “Hefty”.

      P.S. The store called and your pork rinds will be back in stock on Friday!

  3. Thanks so much for creating this website. The widespread douchebaggery on Grindr (not to mention manhunt, a4a, etc.) is disturbing, sad, and ugly. Shining a light on gay male racism, body fascism, and assholism is definitely needed and this is a great start. Maybe these guys will actually reflect a bit and see the error of their ways.



  4. So you’re pointing out how people are assholes by being bigger assholes yourselves? I hope you appreciate the douchebag irony of this.

    If you want a web app where people don’t state preferences, make one called fatandugly and deny membership to anyone too pretty. Own your suckiness, bitches!!

  5. We were born without labels and we don’t carry instructions booklets of ourselves. That is not human.
    This type of website is actually making them(douchebags) a favor.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the site. It’s great.

    A friend sent one that I no longer see on here. Are you archiving? Is there a way to see older ones?


  7. REALLY?? so if someone is not into Asians or Blacks they are Racist?…it’s CALLED Freedom to Choose who you want and Don’t want Not Racist!!..Maybe if Blacks and Asians didnt pester the shit out of people on Grindr and other websites and could SPEAK proper English and Not Ebonics..They might get the respect they so Crave!!

    1. Everyone does have preferences, it’s true, but the militancy at which the preference is states (e.g. I SAID NO BLACKS OR I’LL BLOCK YOU!!) is completely unnecessary and racist. one can be free to reject someone or make preferences without harshness and with respect.

      1. I agree. Just don’t talk to them or block them if you don’t want to it is really pretty simple. I don’t like people putting that stuff in their profiles either but I think there is more than one side of being a douchebag on these kind of apps. Trust me it isn’t just the cute guys that are the assholes.

    2. I AGREE!!!

      they seem to think they reserve judgement soon as we turn them down?

      so who is the wrong party?? them wanting to force us to sleep with them or us who state we dont want them?

    3. You defend racists people, then make a racists comment in the same comment. You’re one of those people.

  8. To the owner of the site. Since you have changed the design of the site the “submit comment” button isn’t showing up in the posts anymore. Which is why you arent seeing any comments on the newer posts.

  9. Although these posts are really funny I seriously believe the persons running this site should at least blur out some of the person’s faces. Thankfully I am not on the site, but I can see where this site could go wrong. Some people could take the comments on this site to heart and given that the person’s face is fully viewable, it could lend the potential for harm. I don’t want the site to be taken down… like i said, its really funny.

  10. so if someone is not into Asians or Blacks they are Racist?…it’s CALLED Freedom to Choose
    — freedom of choose? so you want to use RACE as basis to filter people out? Your preference toward white has nothing to do with the ‘natural’ state but a constructed preference throughout years being succumbed and brainwashed to appraise white beauty ( magazines, tv ad, models etc ) and auto-racist attitude toward colored people based upon prejudiced and stereotypes exist in the same structure ( magazine, tv etc ). You do not fucking get out from the womb and naturally ‘select’ and ‘choose’ what you attract.

    Tim, you are the typical racist ‘faux’ white male liberal BS. The only time these white gay faggots do indeed attract to colored when they have some sort of racial fetish love (which is racist as well). If you white faggots preach so much about equality and individuality, you might take a look at what type of BS u spew around toward colored gay people. You segregate non whites based into racial category but you have the audacity to ask us a favor for equal rights?

    Then, you have these stupid little gay asians, blacks who would chase white guys because they are so self loathing themselves – also due to long time of media brainwashing to applaud white beauty.

    I’m glad this site exists to exhibit the racist attitude among gay whites toward the minorities.

    1. mine did! just cos i wouldnt shag him? amazing how low and sad the submitters are!


  11. The lack of black guys profiles indicates two possibilities (1) the creator doesn’t want to put black guys on this website, (2) or it reinforces the stereotype that black people are with bad credit and can’t qualify for an iPhone, so which one do you think is true?

    1. it must be a 25 stone, insecure sad man! as he seems to be slamming guys who are kinda hot, go to gym and look after themselves! amazing how the shout racism and discrimination but they are doing the same thing!

      ironic huh

    2. yeah the owner is definetly black and obv racist himself. very good tho! I think you are right on that.. I can’t even count how many black dudes send a dick pic before even saying hello, there are just as many black douchebags of grindr as there are any other race but he obviously has a hidden agenda, its cool tho whatever who cares. look at the contact email at the top of this page it says ‘ airportebony ‘ at gmail

  12. Whay I hate most are the “headless torsos clutching their iPhone” pics! These boyz are the most fucked up of all!

    1. it isnt amazing it is sad and really pathetic honestly. go get a life people find something better to do then dwell on shit you cant change.

  13. I love your website – just stumbled across it – wish I had saved screencaps til now – but I can guarantee I will get more from here on 😉 Will keep ém coming! Keep up the great work!

  14. I found myself enjoying this site but then became uncomfortable at the fact that it is douche-y in it’s own kind of tabloid-y, expose-all kind of way. “Let’s laugh at these guys.” It’s not really constructive and somewhat hypocritical–calling someone a moron, “unmedicated”, etc. is mean and judgmental, and a form of douche-y-ness.

    I’d improve it by putting a black line over the eyes, so that the identities aren’t revealed if there are faces (then you can focus on the actual douche-y-ness that is written). Also it might be good to define what a douchebag is (this is already sort of happening with the various tags…i.e. self-loathing, arrogant, etc. to make it more about the values of a good person (as you see it) that are not being met. it makes it more objective-seeming that way.

  15. how do u save a pic of a profile offa grindr?….i live in chicago ….and could send in 5 day here ….i cant seem to figure it out

  16. HEY MODERATOR….. HERE IS AN IDEA how about when someone submits a Douche bag on grindr why not tell the location of the Douche. like what city and state or Area.

  17. i think that the creator needs to watch himself, this is all recorded online and soon the “Douches” will be taking legal action!

    1. Don’t delude yourself. Take your segregationist apartheid mentality back to South Africa. We understand due to history South Africans been socially conditioned not to like mixed, latin, blacks, asians.

      Suggestion, stay out of global multi-ethnic cites & take your racist baggage with you. Otherwise stay away from the publicly open Internet.

  18. I was reading you blog for a while… Well, interesting moment there’s nobody who’s not into caucasians…
    I see only two reasons. Either everybody’s into caucasians or this site was just created by offended asians or indians…
    Which one is right one? Or both?

  19. I do see the humour and of course there is an eye rolling irony that some people really are kinda odd. As far as the racisim goes, I think people of course should be able to say what their preference is in what they seek, there is however a respectful way to do it. My personal beef are those men who are happily partnered yet online looking for sex with others….if you’re so happy in your relationship why are you looking for sex with others? I will never understand that concept.

  20. I don’t have a problem with Asians. They seem to be nice people. But until I come across one that looks like a 1970’s Colt Leather Stud you can be my friend but I wont sleep with you.

  21. Thank you so much for this website. A friend sent it to me yesterday and I haven’t been able to stop laughing. I especially enjoy the femmephobia section. Guys who are clinging to what society expects them to be and who are ashamed of who they really are. “TITS AND BEER! FOOTBALL! FUCK YEAAAAH!” Pathetic. Keep up the excellent work! I’ll most likely submit a few lol.

  22. I’m going to echo some of the above sentiments and say that same way this site has tags for femmephobia, racism and ageism it really needs to add a tag for ‘sizeism’ or ‘fatphobia’, it’s highly prevalent in these posts and equally close-minded, discriminatory and douchebaggy.

    1. if your fat af you shouldn’t expect someone that is a twig to sleep with you. why? because it would be awful sex. if it was the other way around you would say no. be realistic.

  23. who is anyone on here to criticize what people post on grindr. the absolute message is that grindr is disgusting, along with most of the people using it. and now you’ll all flock to this site to cry about being rejected by other disgusting grindr users, or rather, to do exactly what you complain about. AKA. calling these “douchbags” ugly, gross, ect. And as I sit here reading comments on not only my lovely feature on the website, but some of the other peoples. I can’t help but think how pathetic all of you are. Its good to see this is how people spend their free time. Looking for hookups and crying when they don’t get them.

    1. Like 5 year olds. Hideous/old 5 year olds. I can hear the baby crying now pounding his big fists on the floor bc he didn’t get his pathetic little way .. 😛

    1. The site is hosted in the USA so no he has no rights. I don’t see a ToS or Privacy Policy on this website so he has zero legal protection. Somebody could make a fortune off a lawsuit here I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet honestly. The owner doesn’t have an attorney either or they def would have at least a ToS.

  24. I have an idea. Every now and then, why not include a profile that is the opposite of all the douches out there? You know, a good profile that contrasts with all the awful ones, to show guys out there what that looks like? I know it’s fun to call out the jerks, but I think posting a good profile would help break up the monotony of seeing the same racist, ageist, self-loathing, hypocritical crap that passes for gay male socializing. Just a suggestion.

  25. The site is great. And the guys can’t sue. Who would they sue, and on what grounds? Can’t happen. They’re posting a profile on an app available to the public, and no privacy should be expected.

    1. There are laws and you clearly don’t know much about apps, websites, and privacy policy. All someone has to do is take a picture of the blog post and get an attorney not even request it be taken down first honestly. Then the attorney will get a court order to have it taken down, and then the attorney would need to get with the company that owns/operates Grindr to prove how the person that posts the screenshot violated the apps ToS/privacy policy. Then the attorney would have the posters info, then their literally would be a court case where all 3 parties would have to be involved. It is called defamation of character. You can most definitely sue for this because it could cost someone a job etc especially now a days where you can reverse image search content with google, etc. Without posting the entire story, chat history, etc it is automatically extremely biased and unfair. Also the company that owns/operates grindr could potentially sue the owner of this site for harming the reputation of their product and potential loss of income if people just stop using it completely some day. Haha that would be hilarious though, people stop using grindr, they about to go bankrupt then they realize they could sue this sue the owner of these sites and take their bank accounts from them. Cheers!

  26. Love this site – and for the morons who believe that these assholes deserve privacy, you’re delusional. Cry me a fucking ocean. They create a public profile parading their racism and superficiality, with which they associate their likeness, and so therefore they deserve every piece of garbage and shit thrown at them. They have a right to do that, and we have a right to scorn them.

    1. Well maybe we should make a site then that outs the hideous dudes that got offended when they got rejected and give them a chance to play the same game then, that would be a game changer. They do deserve privacy because this site violates the ToS and privacy policy for the Grindr app and could land someone in alot of legal trouble especially without blurring out the faces I mean you can get sued for posting a bad review about a previous employer and this is 500x worse.

  27. This isn’t illegal. These people willingly put their photos and information on a public forum. They can request that you take their photo down and maybe take legal action if you refuse. In fact, there should be a disclaimer stating that.

    This isn’t hypocritical. I don’t think this blog is just about making fun of these people or feeling bitter because you can’t get laid. It’s mostly about pointing out the absurdities in people’s ego. It’s one thing to not want to sleep with a certain race or body type, but to state that on a public hook up site in such a self-righteous, offensive way is more so about attacking a person or bullying others to make yourself feel better or to prove something to yourself than weeding people out.

    All this overt racism and attacks are just completely rude and unnecessary and are meant to give an upper hand to people who post them while making certain people-groups, like racial minorities, older people and the overweight feel shitty. I’m glad a simple blog like this fights back a little and gets the last laugh. lol. Who cares if it was created by someone that these people are talking about in their rude profiles, that makes it better.

    1. Wrong. When you take a screenshot of someone else photo (that you did not take) on a completely different site/system it is actually very illegal. You should consider that on this website you only get to see one very biased side of every story. Who knows what the dumbass that posted it here did to deserve getting blocked! If your older or overweight, you should not expect someone the complete opposite to be attracted to you it is called reality.

  28. Why do you call people racist just because they have a preference who they want to go to bed with?

    I have good Asian and black friends but I am also one of those white guys who doesn’t find them sexually attractive…..does that make me a racist too?

    Most of you here who post these profiles and call people racist are frustrated queens who are drooling over hot white guys you cannot get and then you call them racist to heal your frustrations

  29. I like it best when people defend racism as “preference.”

    I personally prefer intelligence and compassion in a partner. There, see, personality traits without strong negative connotation even if valuing intelligence might be viewed as elitist or subjective by others.

  30. @David, you can fall back just a little bit. This blog isn’t about non-white guys “drooling” over white guys that aren’t attractive to them. I’m black with several non-black friends. I’m more attracted to black men. Yet on dating site, in the little space I’m given to put my best foot forward, I don’t use it to put people down and tell everyone what I DON’T like. If someone contacts a person and they’re not interested, they should ignore them or politely decline their advance. That’s all it takes. While no one should come to Grindr expecting to meet rarefied souls, gay men, who are on the receiving end of a lot of ostracism in this world for who they are, should know better than to dish out the same sort of behavior. But alas, they don’t.

    As for these profiles, what’s so amazing to me is that none of these guys are exceptionally good-looking or fit to be so exclusionary.

  31. Dear Douchebags:
    Wow, I wonder what young kids who are just coming out must think of the gay world?
    I love that this site calls out the growing breed of douchbags. You know, the ones that don’t have any connection between being gay and being human. We hear a lot about youth suicides and almost all of us know, first hand, about bullying. Yet, some folks see no problem in shitting on other people. Like what you like. Freedom of choice is a right. Just stop shitting on other people, shut up and fuck who you want. Young kids are killing themselves because people are mean – and that includes how gay men communicate their desires.
    You’re not a racist if you’re not “into” folks of color. I’d argue you might be a racist if you’re looking for friendship and state “no Latinos, Asians, or Blacks”. (Sure you can have your preferences but “preferences” don’t magically make racist actions go away.) But imagine a young Asian kid is freaking out about being gay. He’s being verbally and physically harassed at school. He goes into the gay world for support and for a place he could find acceptance. And then he’s constantly told that he’s not worth talking to or being treated as a person – simply pre-judged for his race – similar to the way folks judged us for being gay. Would you tell him to just suck it up? Don’t be so sensitive? Really?
    No Douchebags – sorry, just my preference.
    PS – Fear of a Femme Planet: Are there that many femme guys that we need to warn the President of this impending doom? Judging from the amount of “No Femme” ads online you’d think so. Or maybe its posts by guys that are so scared of being labeled a sissy fag because they can’t stop thinking of sticking a big dick up their asses. Wow, that’s new: picking on other people to feel better about yourself – it’s like a bad Glee episode. Own your shit boys – and keep your shit to yourself.

  32. I somehow find it amazing too that a lot of the douchebags posted on here simply state an age preference? A lot of frustrated old fags in here much?

    And honestly, ignoring someone on Grindr doesnt work, they just come back the next day. And the block doesn’t work either, as people use several devices / not everyone has Grindr unlimited.

    And let’s all be honest with ourselves. We ALL have physical attributes we look for… it’s not called racism, it’s not called ostracism, it’s called knowing yourself and knowing what you want in a mate.

    I was referenced here, thinking they would be fake-tan oily douchebags, but I find it hard to condemn honesty.

    Oh, and yeah, it would be rather easy for any of your douchebags to sue. So watch out for the legality of your website, notably with the whole faces showing.

  33. From fab Magazine:

    Alex Rowlson goes head-to-head with the troubling terminology of our desires

    We’ve all been there.

    You visit a hookup or dating website, cruise somebody’s profile and are confronted with the list: no fats; no femmes; no Asians; no blacks; masc only; my age or younger; str8-acting, you be too; non-scene; and on and on. What we find is a lot of hate when all we want is head.

    “Gay men have forgotten how to have sex,” says Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, editor of the forthcoming anthology Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? “For so long that was supposed to be something gay men were good at, but I’m not so sure anymore. They might be good at the technique but not the openness. Sex should be about opening possibilities, not closing them off.”

    The negative language so prevalent on Craigslist and Grindr seems to signal that the culture of sexual liberation has been replaced by sexual segregation.

    Gay sexual oppression is catalogued painfully on the Douchebags of Grindr blog, which sorts prejudiced profiles based on everything from racism and sexism to self-hating homophobia. But even though we see it everywhere, most people are as willing to admit to the exclusionary aspects of their desires as Lindsay Lohan is to submit to drug testing — statements are qualified by “Sorry, that’s just what I’m into” or “No hard feelings, it’s just my preference.”

    Sycamore says that while people have the right to say what they’re attracted to, they have a responsibility to watch how they say it. “On the one hand, people are stating their preference, but on the other, these are not neutral terms. If we were living in a culture where everything was the same, it wouldn’t be a problem. But when sexual preference reinforces dominant systems of power in an unquestioning way, that’s when it becomes problematic.”

    Michael J Faris, co-author of the essay “Fucking with Fucking Online: Advocating for Indiscriminate Promiscuity,” believes that sexual oppression too often is unexamined. “Desiring one thing more than another I don’t see as a bad thing,” he says. “When you say, ‘I won’t date a black person or won’t sleep with a black person,’ that’s what I see as being racist. If you can’t interrogate your desire, that’s a problem.”

    Sociologist Adam Isaiah Green, a faculty member at the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, believes “the concept of sexual racism is too strong and too intentional. Our liberation movement worked to remove shame from sexual desire, and I think we should take a lesson from it in terms of how we deal with the topic of racialized desires. Sensitizing ourselves to the connections between our most inner sexual desires and the sociopolitical landscape we are immersed in also seems like a good way to go.”

    Self-described “Queer brown drag queen faggot” ML Sugie, who co-authored the essay with Faris, questions whether strict qualifiers should play any role in desire at all: “I can’t make the case that race, ethnicity, body type, ability — any of it — has any business being involved in hooking up, beyond what people have told me are for aesthetic reasons, which I take to be code for ‘unjustifiable hierarchies that I don’t want to explain.’ It just isn’t intelligible to look at someone and say, ‘I want to reach orgasm y being fucked, but only fucked by a person of this ethnicity or race.’ The connection just doesn’t make sense. What is it about certain ethnicities or races that make it so you just can’t get off or find them sexually attractive? And how fucked up is that?”

    As Faris notes, “If attraction didn’t change, you would never see two 80-year-old people together. More than likely, when they were 18 they didn’t find an 80-year-old attractive.” Unless one of them was named Harold and the other was named Maude.

    Ali Abbas, author of the essay “Death by Masculinity,” notes, “Sexual desire will not, like many other things, come naturally. Desire is universal, but how we shape that desire is based on our willingness to pursue it. Who is to say that desire just naturally happens? Why can’t desire be a mode of living that requires contemplation, action and self-reflection rather than strict requirements?”

    It seems the terms we use to describe desires are as fluid and hard to define as the desires themselves. Faris doesn’t think universal definitions for terms like “straight-acting” or “masculine” are possible. “When I’m online and someone says, ‘Are you masc?’ my usual response is, ‘What do you mean by that?’ Those things are all culturally relative. I grew up on a farm, and you have these big women who are doing farm work, which is very masculine, but it’s not viewed as being masculine; she’s just being a wife. By femme, what do you mean? Do I gesticulate a lot? Yes. Do I do drag? Yes. Straight acting is the most hilarious term. To be straight is to be attracted to or have sex with women.”

    Faris suggests that, instead of using negative terminology that describes what they don’t want, people should explain what they do want and deal with others as individuals. If you aren’t attracted to Asian men because stereotypes suggest they are smooth and you prefer hairy men, you could write, “I like hairy men” on your profile, not “no Asians.” “I think being explicit with what you’re into is more inclusive. It might mask things and make them invisible and harder to discuss. But it still makes things more inclusive,” says Faris. “If someone is eading through a bunch of profiles, at least they don’t feel rejected by 40 profiles that say, ‘no Asian dudes.’”

    “Changing negative descriptions into positive descriptions doesn’t change the fact that they are still requirements based on things like race, looks or gender expression,” counters Sugie. “It merely flips the statement from ‘What I don’t want’ to ‘What I require.’ It doesn’t change the content of the message, only the wording. Why is it so important that someone find a slim, masculine, hairy, buff man? Do you have some sort of vintage sling with a really low weight limit? A grand piano you’d like him to help you move after you fuck? What exactly are you going to do that requires such a specific, acrobatic person — and can I watch?”

    What else can be done to change our bad behaviours? Sycamore believes that confronting others’ desires as well as one’s own is effective. He recalls challenging someone for having ‘no Asians’ written in his profile: “He said my distaste was ‘just because you’re Asian.’ It’s fascinating that people think the only ones who could be offended by this racist thing is someone who’s Asian.”

    Raymond Miller, author of Little Kiwi’s Word Museum of Wonder and Terror blog, revels in challenging people and frequently shares his Grindr exchanges. “I’ve received so much mail in support of it. There’s the occasional letter that says, ‘Who the fuck do you think you are.’ The irony is that they say, ‘How dare you judge me’ when they’re judging everyone else. And it’s always white boys that can’t believe someone doesn’t want them because they’re supposedly the gold standard.”

    Miller has an interesting proposal for driving home the point that putdowns in the form of come-ons are not welcome in our culture. “I want to organize a sexual boycott. Maybe if people stop getting laid they’ll realize what they’re doing is prejudiced. I don’t know why some guys only want to fuck Hitler’s Youth. I think it’s ugly, and I don’t want to reward that. Tell them that because of what they say, they’re not getting laid tonight.”

    Sugie suggests a different strategy: “If you’re just trying to hook up, don’t be so picky about it. Indiscriminate promiscuity is about letting go of our notions that we should measure someone’s sexual worth based on scripted notions of race, class, gender expression, body and ability, and instead focus on creative sexual acts.”

    Green goes further: “Foucault once proposed that we craft a sexuality not on desire, but pleasure. Desire is heavily psychoanalyzed, but bodily pleasure much less so. He believed that one starting point for a less socially disciplined sexuality was to focus on the pleasures of bodies — the pleasures our own bodies receive in sexual play and the pleasures we feel when giving sex.”

    Words can beat people down, but it’s within our power to change how we frame our desires, and even to change our desires to create more inclusive screwing. By challenging ourselves and others we can expand our desires. So go out there and be indiscriminately promiscuous. Or deny that bigoted beefcake a hookup because of his prejudiced profile.

    Just make sure you tell him there are no hard feelings — it’s just a preference.

    >>Alex Rowlson is a freelance writer who is working on his PhD in history at the University of Toronto.<<

  34. Dear DofG god, can you please update your site more regularly. Every four or five days is not enough. I know you are receiving way more douchebags than you are putting up. COME ON GET A MOVE ON!!!

  35. Asians & Mexicans should also should approach a “White” male with respect when out and about too. I’m not generally attracted to them and I’m generally not attracted to blondes either. I’m not racist but when you literally have to slap those Asians and Mexicans off of you when trying to grope…….

    Call it “racist” if you must. “We’re” not all into you. K?

  36. I Think american are worst …they are the “KINGS OF DOUCHEBAGS”…just because they have cute face doesnt mean anything they are more dirty inside they dont wash their smelly butts and their dirty jellied dick …Americans suck.

  37. I Had sex with couple of american guys they say they are “top” but trust me once on the bed they show their smelly arse and they want others to dig it and even fall on their knees to blow…some of them even dont have a shower they smell gross …hate white skin american guys …yuck yuck yuck!!! worst sex experience with americans

  38. This site is brilliant. I am all for “outing” hatred from queers who are racist and get off on bullying & belittling other queers. I might just have to start my own public douche-list for the many Adam4Adam.

  39. This website only makes me an even bigger douchebag. I have browsed it twice – maybe three times and my dream of achieving the throne of my very own section equipped with it’s very own section that you can COMMENT-ABOUT *ME*-ON IT still lingers on my list of desires. Thank you for only fueling the fire of us conceited folk – we can take all the attention that you would like to give us. Do you honestly think this is doing ANYTHING except giving us something to talk about when we are(but not limited to):
    Getting ready while in our underwear, admiring each other and how much we love having attractive friends.
    Going out to dinner with each other while we eat great – and look even better.
    Getting brunch with each other the morning after we had a blast the night prior, looking disheveled and ordering waters all-around(Note: I never said we didn’t continue to look great).

    This website is a brilliant example of what you should NOT do to instill overly egotistical behavior as inappropriate – trust your local Behavioral Therapist.

  40. I think this site should be extended to include other applications and dating / hook-up sites. The douchebags are everywhere.

  41. Here in Stockholm there is aloooot of douchis guys. You can not belive. Gay swedish that ignore people that is dark hair and come from other country outside europe. Amazing how they behave like “i do not know you” after have sex with someone that is not european.
    It is very sad how people can be so false.

  42. I nominate Grindr itself for the following reason… they do not act on serious issues with their app. They do not warn users about this issue…


    Despite telling them about this issue months ago, they still have not resolved a serious problem with the application. I took my partners old iPad after he got a new one and despite clearing it back to factory settings and reinstalling a new version of the app. Grinder’s sign in still reads the serial number of the device and so I end up on my partners profile.

    I told them about this months ago and they have done nothing about it. I sent them all the information they need to correct it and they have not… Grindr support are as about as helpful as a hole in the head. It is the only social network app where this happens. They don’t listen, they don’t act on feedback and they never reply unless to ban you from the network.

    Be aware… if you sell or give your iPhone or iPad to someone.. they can access your profile and use it as easily as you.

    1. Wow that is really poor programming tho, I can’t believe they made the app like that it is so silly too because they require your email address to even sign up so why not just use that or even auto read the iPhone’s apple id and use that email address. To me it is like why even bother using the phones SN. Sorry to hear about your trouble with that it sounds like that could turn the wrong direction very easily like you said if you just sell your phone damn lol.

  43. I also nominate Grindr itself… the “support” is just a bunch of fussy fags that hate themselves for not being attractive. They’re just as bad as JustGuys. They even go so far as to say that I can’t post a pic of me in my underwear or edit my profile when i vilify the app or the users.

    Still use the damn thing though.

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  45. Looks like a site for all the grindr rejects. Way to keep yourselves distracting while the rest of us get to fuck!

  46. fucking douchbah named leon hu steals our stuff and trying to call police to do investigation for the case
    this is non-sense, this asshole never tells peeople the fact and real story, everything this asshole from his mouth is all FAKE
    faking, asshole, loud asshole, likes to arugement with people
    trying to win in every arguments
    fucking asshole
    don’t let this asshole live in your place watch out guys

  47. No one can judge no one

    I have to sue this website
    And bring to court this person

    No one have to publish somebody’s picture online without his or her permission.

    1. You really should sue them if they posted your picture here. It is totally illegal what they are doing here and it violates the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that are attached to the Grindr app. Technically the company Grindr could also sue the owner of this website too for making their app less trustworthy and less valuable.

      1. Only it’s not. Grindr isn’t private domain. You can screenshot anything on Grindr as they don’t block screenshots through the app. What you post online is at your own volition and own risk, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Good luck trying to sue anyone or anything because it won’t work. It was tried and failed several times with every social media platform. Furthermore, burden of proof lies on the “victim” to prove there was some sort of negative reaction as a result of slander or libel. In these cases there is not. If they don’t want their faces plastered with their racist, sexist, ageist, etc profile remarks and messages then they wouldn’t be on Grindr to begin with. Sticking up for this trash is what is making you less trustworthy and less valuable.

  48. You know the truth is that the people that submit “profiles” to this site probably don’t take care of themselves, they are probably overweight, ugly af, rude, old enough to be a young guys dead great great grandfather or just flat out hideous–but yet they just don’t “get it” why guys that do take care of themselves and are younger don’t want to have sex with them–it is bc you are nasty I promise you that! Ya’ll need to seriously get a life though okay.. goto the gym, dye your hair loose some weight or do something and don’t be a stuck up piece of crap that acts like some total random stranger owes you sex within the first thing you ever say to them??!! The fact is nobody has to sleep with you and nobody owes you anything! But yet here ya’ll are posting how “this 19 year old is self loathing or this and that”–bc he doesn’t want to sleep with someone that is nasty af fat and/or pathetic. I mean really… If you get on a sex hook up app and your not attractive, what do you honestly expect? Get a life dudes and take better care of yourselves or try to talk to people that are within 10 years of your own age and maybe you won’t find yourself performing immature 5 year old style rage postings of total strangers personal content on some website along with your personal bitchy complaints. Did you know if you submit someone elses photo to a site like this they could potentially sue you for everything you have? Yeah think about that one and then tell me it is really worth letting out that undeserved steam here. MAYBE guys have to put really mean things in their profiles bc of all the OTHER dudes (probably the ones that post here) that won’t even treat them like a person and only treat them like a sex object.. MAYBE they have to be really strict in their profile because they get sick of the same bs over and over and over and over and over in every IM they receive. One of these days someone will sue the owner of this site and that will be the end of that and it will be a very expensive lesson to learn. Other people’s images on a completely unrelated system/service on the internet are NOT your property and it is actually illegal to do what this site is doing. I am going to send an email to the CEO of grindr and see about having this site shutdown with legal action and hell I could even pay for an advert on grindr that links to a petition to have this bs taken down. I hope the owner here gets what they deserve — he is probably some bitter old queen too that is disgusting and fat and old and has a small d*ck or something.. who knows all I know is someone that isn’t pathetic certainly would never waste the time to make a site like this that breaks the law, and not only that my goodness the bad karma he is gonna obtain from doing this too I wish you the best of luck bc you are really gonna need it–these are the types of guys that get angry when they can’t get some teenager that is 40 years younger than them–WAKE UP GRANDPA IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN STOP GETTING ANGRY DAD. Try to talk to people your own age and be realistic and then maybe you won’t find yourself acting like a complete degenerate and posting on this website out of hate that you can’t have something unrealistic??!! Grindr is such a sh*t show anyways and gay dudes now a days no matter which one your talking about are so freaking mental and selfish and then judge others for treating them the exact same way they were treated first. I mean it isn’t rocket science what the actual f*ck dudes it really is pretty much a joke to be gay in 2016. Everybody treats each other like sh*t, everybody is too good for each other, they wanna have sex but won’t even be friends with you.. then there are the nasty dudes that get mad when there is no mutual attraction then they make fake profiles and send fake pics and stalk you to death to a point of not even being able to trust anybody that messages you in your area and they know this is what they are doing because “if i cant have him then nobody can” is really sad and pathetic of you in the first place to be unrealistic. They will send you images that belong to somebody else just so they can sit there and play with themselves to the idea that they fooled someone that doesn’t find them attractive. I mean what the actual f*ck y’all are mentally ill or something and this is coming from a gay dude.. but I honestly don’t think I really want much to do with any of it anymore because it has become such a joke and waste of time even bothering honestly. Ya’ll ruined what used to be a nice lifestyle. Ya’ll RUINED IT for everybody. Gay marriage? Give me a break.. I hope they do reverse it and outlaw it because honestly before that happened at least I could get another cute guy to actually consider going out to dinner with me or — honestly anything outside of putting it in their butt. Now? Gay dudes are terrified to even be friends with each other outside of having sex. Things have changed and I am disgusted with all of it. Just my two cents but maybe before illegally posting someone else’s copyrighted content on some website out of rage you should think twice and consider you could loose every cent to your name over it some day. Peace!

  49. I love how so many people come here defending the bitter old queens that post screenshots here. Okay look, honestly for me it has nothing to do with race. What I can’t stand is people that are 40-50 years older than me getting angry I won’t have sex with them. YUCK. But the truth is if there is an attraction then even for me age would not matter. None of it matters except the fact that they are not attracted to YOU. That is why YOU got offended and posted here. In the end it has nothing to do with race, age, nationality, whatever.. you got rejected bc your hideous and the other person is not attracted to you or you acted like a complete moron yourself right off that bat. It is really kinda simple but this site makes it all out to be about so much more. If your 55 and I am 30 that means when you were my age (30) that means I would have been 5 years old. It would not have been okay then why should it be now if I say it isn’t. Hahaha dear god the people that post screenshots here are really messed up and pathetic.

    1. Jason you do sound like a bitter litigious whiny queen… Chill out love, and enjoy the next four years under trumpie. You might have something to whine about!

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  51. I was hoping this site was still up. Just got back on Grindr after a few years away (couldn’t stand all the douches). Was hoping it got better (the spam is less anyways) but I was wrong. Time to start submitting more douches!

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