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registered grindr douche

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  1. Sad enough it may work to his gain. When i was young, playing games and being arrogant was a turn-off socially. Why is now a cock hardener as grown men amongst themselves?

  2. Are you guys going just a bit too far with this? I don’t write anything on my grindr profile because I’m afraid that anything I will write will get me posted on this website. This is a total invasion of privacy and perpetuates hate within the gay community (as if there aren’t enough people in this world who hate us already) . Don’t forget that most of these profiles you’re posting (as most gays in general) are of people who are insecure about themselves. These people have enough shit to go through in life anyway. Why are you making their lives harder? Why are you shaming them publically? Why are all this hate?

  3. Nah… Maybe he was just about and about and getting messages and he wasn’t interested in anything at that point and noted it on his profile.
    There are some douches out there for sure… But this guy doesn’t seem to meet the category to me.

  4. Jeff if you look at a lot if the profiles on this site, they are pretty offensive. People making very nasty racist comments . Must be depressing for young non white guys who want to meet others.

  5. I agree Jeff yet I come back.
    Be good to have a feature to say that we as the user don’t think someone is a douche and should have their honor restored by having their picture removed.

  6. @Jeff: Some of these “douche bags” seem so self-satisfied that I am quite sure they are impervious to any criticism from the public–this website in particular. Those that are hurt by being called a “douche bag” should not be surprised: people reciprocate negativity (as done on this website). I do agree some of these guys are mislabeled, but otherwise they’re usually spot on. It’s a vicious cycle, and maybe we should not perpetuate it, but then again, sometimes it’s out of fun more than anything. If I were to meet any of these guys out in public, I would not single them out. I understand that a profile is just one facet of someone’s mind, and I only have access that facet not its entirety. I do not think the criticism here is so serious. If anything, it allows us to reflect collectively on what we need to work on in the gay community (both the douche bags and the people offering criticism). Furthermore, if you think about it, they’re already exposing themselves publicly by using Grindr. Hence, we really are not doing anything wrong by singling out something that can be accessed publicly anyway. So, I completely disagree with you on that point. I don’t think you should take it so seriously. I highly doubt anyone here can say that any of these people have NO redeeming qualities. Fyi: being scared of winding up on this website says a lot about oneself, doesn’t it?

  7. Jeff: how is this website an invasion of privacy? You should assume that everything you post online will be seen by the public at large.

    These are public profiles.

    Therefore, posting links to public profiles is not an invasion of privacy.

    If you are worried about it, use Facebook and make it viewable by friends only.

  8. BTW: I don’t use Grindr, period.

    I think these hookup apps are used by a lot of trashy people.

    In fact, I don’t even own a mobile phone. I think they are a waste of money.


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