Happily Partnered Naked Douche

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20 thoughts on “Happily Partnered Naked Douche”

    1. I tried that when I first moved in my house. For some reason the county police were called. Perhaps this guy lives and works at a nudist colony?

  1. I have an amazing boyfriend, oh and by the way, here is a picture of my cock.

    Nobody believes the fairy-tale that you are on a hook-up site just to make friends. Especially when you are naked in your profile pic.

    1. This. It’s not like people aren’t going to hit him up…like, for example, the people who only go by pictures and don’t bother reading anything. I think he knows that.

  2. Sorry tripes, but he’s a douche because he is hypocritical. If he simply had a face pic, I’d agree with you, but you can see his happy trail. I’m friends with some of my coworkers, but that doesn’t mean I know what they look like naked

  3. Agree with this one… Just why are you standing in the bathroom mirror naked with your camera if you are just looking for networking opportunities?

  4. Read between the lines. He’s looking to meet “friendly people”. That basically translates to “raw BB bottom for cash”. Didn’t anyone else catch that?

  5. He’s a total douche. Put a shirt on if you have a bf and you are commited honey… Grindr = hookups , Linkdn = networking, Facebook = friends.

  6. Yeah, the “Have an amazing boyfriend. Just here to say hello and meet ‘friendly’ people.” doesn’t hold up when he is totally naked.

    I would feel differently if he had all of his clothes on, but no, he is naked. He is looking for sex. Why not “be a man” and admit what you want? Or, alternatively put on clothes. But honestly, who is he fooling. Maybe he and Marcus Bachmann should get together.

  7. Here’s a more accurate profile for our friend “I”:

    “My BF is amazing because he lets me be a big whore on Grindr while sharing my bills, putting up with my chest acne, and not complaining that I never say what I really mean!”

  8. Wow, I can’t believe the vitriol some of you are spewing. No shirt makes him a cheater and a whore? Maybe he got a bf and just didn’t change his picture. I guess none of you have friends in committed relationships that still swim shirtless at the pool/beach and even (gasp!) allow pics of themselves on facebook? They must be cheating whores too, ALL OF THEM!!!


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