26 thoughts on “Enemaemm”

    1. You need to get out more, Martin. San Francisco is full of people who only date other races or guys of a different age. I think it’s a healthy thing…Something for everyone.

  1. Martin, if you to Europe, there are a lot of white guys who are not into whites. The guy I’m dating is one. I’m Asian-Latino, btw. He’s Danish. 🙂

  2. girlfriend is probably only into black and PR men with big dicks to fuck her in the ass so she can feel like a real man.

  3. Yeah but I live in San Francisco!! I see white with white all the time. Bears with bears, asians with asians, latinos with latinos, black with black, and everyone with everyone. Hell, other than NYC, this is the only city I’ve ever experienced where race isn’t really a huge issue in the gay community. There seems to be something for everyone and that’s a great thing. I’ve also lived in narrow-minded places where whites dating white were the ONLY thing too.

    1. Two cities in the the entire country have somewhat open-minded attitudes about dating outside of ones race,age,culture,socio-economic background….that’s sad.

  4. First, you are white. Fu.ck1ng [email protected]! Second, no faggots eh? So what the f.u-ck is your wigger @ss on this fukn app for!!? Must be a middle school dropout. Have fun working outside the rest of your life, and also, just forget about your dream of becoming a famous “rapper”. Ppl like you is why the world Is so f/uk’d up! Be civilized. Stop living off government checks you worthless piece of sh1 t! You make me want to throw up on myself. All bark no bite. Poser. Look in the mirror! Let me guess…. Your dad booty raped you as a grade school prick. Get over it. You the one that is at loss in life. There are “faggots” that could buy you on the black market and sell you as their property cause they have so much money. Also, I think “faggot” offends the gay community. But you don’t care cause you have no respect for anyone but your worthless and lost self. How bout you try getting involved in church? You need God’s help I believe. We all do. Stop hating bro. That solves nothing.

  5. See as a caucasian dude, I don’t find this offensive. He doesn’t like me, or want me and that’s his preference/prerogative. I’m hardly going to take to the internet and bitch about it. I’ll man up and move on…

      1. You’re right, for once. Race preference died with slavery being legal. People are different colours, deal with it. Maybe due to his obvious “gangsta rap” appeal (if you can call it appealing), he thinks that he’s black, and thinks himself above all the “cracker ass whities”?


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