Messy Plaid Douche

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31 thoughts on “Messy Plaid Douche”

  1. Not really sure which one is sadder: the fact that he looks way older than 21, or that he’s only 21 and already a racist. Parenting fail?

  2. Btw I wonder how these people interact with their Asian (or black or whatever they try to put down in their profiles) friends and colleagues outside of Grindr, like at their workplace or school?

  3. Wearing a plaid shirt doesn’t make you brawny. His necklace doesn’t match what he’s wearing. Furthermore, I refuse to believe that he’s 21! I want to see a birth certificate.

  4. “Need not apply”? Apply for what? Your fashion consultant, tanning booth operator, cheap beer supplier?……..

  5. [email protected]…well said man

  6. The tooth gap is sexxxy. And he’s right, if he doesn’t want to hook up with Asians, then Asians damn need not apply.

    Meanwhile, I’m down for Mr. Brawny.

  7. I get it, everybody has preferences. But why be a douche and list them? Why not just say “not interested” if somebody you don’t like contacts you? (And by the same token, how come listing a race you’re into isn’t considered equally offensive?)

  8. China is going to ask you fucking douchebags to pay back all your debt immediately..without china, you wont even have an iphone

  9. Now way in hell is this dude 21. How many tanning beds do you have to lay in and cigarettes do you have to smoke to look like THAT by 21.

  10. hes at least 30+

    i think saying ‘no asians’ is like a proxy for saying ‘no black, latin, anything but white’ since for some reason it seems less offensive to say ‘no asians’. I mean what kind of black, latin guy would reply to this douche if they read that?

  11. He looks like Jeff from BB, who failed at rehab and went to value village blindfolded to then run to his parents’ house to take this picture. He looks like he’s 75.

  12. he’s hot, but that’s probably God’s compensation for his attitude. He’ll probably get lots of sex offer but will die alone, which is pretty sad if you ask me.

  13. He’s neither a douche nor a racist. He’s just not attracted to Asian men. That’s his right to say, instead of allowing himself to be deluged with unwanted messages.

    Besides, you queens couldn’t care less about how people of color are mistreated, so, cut the liberal bs.

  14. Adam Adam Adam. So you think it’s ok to lump Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian men all together? Cos they look just the same? Doesn’t That sound rather racist and ignorant to you?
    I’ve noticed you only comment ( with the same comment ) in guys you are obviously attracted to. Hot white guys. They ain’t gonna be looking at you! Self hate ain’t attractive !


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