Settling Douche

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41 thoughts on “Settling Douche”

    1. Let me help you out; he’s referring to 11’s like out of 10. Hence he’s a douche. And not (just) because of the Bieber haircut.

  1. These boys are never as hot as they think they are. I’m sure he has a small cock and has issues with premature ejaculation.

    1. its not 11 inches

      he means you have to look super hot

      like how a hot person is a “9 out of 10” or ugly is “2 out of 10”

      apparently his ego is so big, he believes himself to be a “11 out of 10”

      finally his body is hot, but not really hot.

  2. Clearly he doesn’t understand the 10 scale. Because it is a scale, 10 is the most and 0 is the least. You’d think if he thinks so highly of himself that he would venture off the scale, he would say “1,000,000s only plz.” and not a measly 1 point. This will show itself later when he’s forced into the gay porn industry:

    Gay Porn Director – “Kid, we’ll give you $50 to take it in the rear on camera.”
    Douche – “Well I’m super hot, so I’ll only accept $51 plz.”
    Gay Porn Director – “Deal.”

  3. no he’s definitely ugly, who is making these scales? most of these dudes on here are plain at the very least WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THAT BEAUTIFUL DUDE WITH TEH GORGEOUS EYES

  4. Lighten up guys. This profile is quite obviously satirical, and the author deserves our thanks for making us laugh.

  5. He must be talking to his right hand a lot.

    Dude, just place a mirror above your bed. Or buy a sex doll and put your photo on it.
    But thank you for making me laugh.

  6. $51? Dental insurance? …you gays are cracking my shit up! And yeah, sure. He’s obnoxious. But it sure would be fun to teach him some manners.

  7. am I the only person who doesn’t think his body is hot at all or his face even before reading the profile? Or it might be that I’m just not into twinky, femmy, cunty guys that got girly bodies and haircuts?

  8. I agree with Tom, guys a douche, but, hes hot and I’d still do him… and lets be real, so would most anyone else. Some times a douche bag can be the hottest thing to sleep with…sometimes.

  9. Despite all this I’d still fuck him. It would just to be to say I did him in the ass though. No way I’d bottom for him with his attitude.

  10. I’m a little confused, considering that almost all the douche bags on this website are white, supposedly goodlooking, hates Asians, blacks, fems etc, they basically look and sound all the same. ironically they should have the words, ” made in china” stamped on their foreheads because they seem to be all cookie cutter clones of each other…… and then of course most things made in china are cheap……


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