18 thoughts on “Cartoon Faced Douche”

  1. So he thinks he’s special because he looks like the product of several generations worth of inbreeding?

    BTW, lurve how he photoshopped his teeth to be blindingly white. It’s cute when they overdo it like that.

  2. What’s with the rough seas at night on lake Michigan backdrop? TACKY.

    If it were a real picture of him out on lake Michigan in weather, I MIGHT be impressed. Or just think he was crazy.

    But there’s no way that pic is real. With waves like that, you don’t sit on the edge of a boat and pose for a picture!

    Shame he thinks he’s so hot 🙁 what a waste of self-confidence. There are people who could actually use AND deserve some, but obviously he’s hogging it.

    1. I am always amused when I see people I know on this website. I’m even more surprised that a picture that I took ended up on here. LOL. Oh this is real all right. Haha! The boat was at speed and those aren’t waves – it’s boat wake. I think the teeth are a shoop, though.

  3. I still don’t get why people are bragging about blocking others on their profile. Do they like it when they see others do that?

  4. OOOOO! You can block me?! ASTOUNDING! How did you acquire this magical blocking wizardry? Can I learn how to do it too? Or do I need to go to Hogwarts like you?


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