17 thoughts on “Even Cowgirls Get to be Douchebags”

  1. He’s not that cute. Twenty-six years old with a receding hairline. The rather piggish nose isn’t cute either.

  2. it’s hardly internalized homophobia to say “I don’t like dating effeminate men.” he wants a *guy*, not a as-seen-on-TV stereotype.

  3. If a guy doesnt like skinny high pitched lispers thats his preference. Go out and get laid instead. Homo.

  4. God forbid someone doesn’t fit the typical feminine stereotype. Refreshing to see someone who wants more than whats seen on tv. Someone who realizes that gays are more than lusps and fabulous hair. Bravo

  5. Ok, I’ve loved scolljbg through alm these, but I don’t get all this “no fem” shit. Is it bc you’re a bottom and think fems only bottom? Isn’t it better just to say you’re a bottom?

  6. He’s not a douche. He wants a masculine man. If you feel bitter because he’s rejected your effiminacy, you might want to consider growing a pair.
    Just saying.
    Now, respond and prove me right.:)

  7. I don’t think wanting a masculine man makes him a douche, he just needs to word things better.


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