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Princess Lady

Technically not a douche, but too weird to not share with the world.


Sepia Douche



Serial Douche

Go over to his house and you'll end up in a pickle barrel.


Jerri Blank Douche

Jerri blank douche




2006 Grindr Douche


Not sure what’s going on here, but the iPhone wasn’t even out in 2006, right?



Secret Society Douche


Above average only? Seriously? hahahaha. Douche.



Someone Fell Out of the Cuckoo Clock

cuckoo grindr douche

I mean what else is there to say about this one besides MESS?



Canadian Supremacist Grindr Douche


A Canadian in Australia who only wants to date other Canadians??? Whatever.



Blocking Strategist Douche

There is a method to his grindr douchebaggery.


Specific Douche

a very specific grindr douche