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Don’t be a gay just be a douche.

Don't be gay when you goatse my hole.


Mixed Racist Douche

self-loathing-mixed grindr douche

Umm.. he looks kind of Asian himself, and he even calls himself mixed.



Thank God I’m a Country Douche


Probably votes Republican too.




De La Douche

de la grindr douche


Crazy Bitchy Grindr Douche

pic of Crazy-Bitchy-Grindr-DOuche-


What a mess.


Innovative Grindr Douche



So many new innovative ways to hate on Grindr.



Yet Another Self-Loathing Grindr Douche

another self-loathiing grindr douche


Good Luck With That Douche


No Faeries Douche

DON'T be out for this grindr douche!


Abused as a Child Grindr Douche

grindr douche pic

So much hate on Grindr


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  • i was abused on grindr