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Mixed Racist Douche

self-loathing-mixed grindr douche

Umm.. he looks kind of Asian himself, and he even calls himself mixed.



Don’t Be Douche

don't be a douche grindr douche


Confederate NRA Douche





Another One


NZ Douche

nz grindr douche


Moron Moron Moron Moron



Not only is this person ridiculous, hateful, and moronic, he is unoriginal as well. We have received dozens of submissions with that exact same racist line, “I block more Asian than the Great Wall of china.”


Mary Mother of Messiness Douche


Truly hilarious humongous racist mess.



Hilariously Racist Douche


OK, not really hilarious… just a racist douche.



Small Studio Space Douche

tiny-studio-space grindr douche


Lives in his mind… not a large space apparently.


One More Racist Douche



With so many racist douchebags on Grindr, it’s hard to come up with new names for these posts. Any suggestions?