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Band Douche

He's in a BAND. How can he be a Grindr Douche?

Douche Extreme

grindr douche extreme

Metro PCS Race Hating Douche

OH he did NOT just accuse Metro PCS of being a phone company for black thugs, did he? I’m cuntfused. Grindr can be perplexing.

grindr douche who hates blacks and their phone carriers

Equals Douche

No Offense Douche

no offense grindr douche

Affirmative Action Douche

reverse racism for this douche

Party Douche

grindr douche is rude and loves to PARTY

Scooby Douche

scooby douche

Leathery Douche

leathery grindr douche

NZ Douche

nz grindr douche