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Small Studio Space Douche

tiny-studio-space grindr douche


Lives in his mind… not a large space apparently.


One More Racist Douche



With so many racist douchebags on Grindr, it’s hard to come up with new names for these posts. Any suggestions?



Blacks Don’t Want You, Douche!

Trust me, blacks don’t want you, neither!
And get some flip flops, Orangina!



Racist Douche

In other words, no blacks.

Clearly Racist Grindr Douche


Yes, Grindr Douche, being racist towards Asians DEFINITELY makes you a racist.  And by the way, if you were muscular as your profile indicates, you would not be wearing an undershirt on your  cowardly faceless pic.



Knowing Me Knowing Douche


Let’s keep it racial and douchey.



After Douche


This huge douche equates being Asian with being unclean.



You Say Tomato I say Grindr Douche



Aw sorry guys, you can’t have this grindr douche if you are black or asian!


A Truly Amazing Bundle of Douche!



This Racist Looks Middle Eastern


It’s always fun when one discriminated class is racist towards another minority.  Oh, and btw, ‘friendly’ people don’t list their racist requirements on their profiles.