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Racist Brain Grindr Douche


Racist, narrow-minded, but looking for BRAINS!



Liquid Eyeliner as Facial Hair Douche

Not into FEMS? Please, this grindr douche has more makeup on than Joan Rivers at a bris.


Ultrabutch Ultradocuhe

image of ultra butch ultradouche


Probably a bathhouse cum dump in reality.


Epidemic of Douche

epidemic-of-douche grindr

This Grindr douche gets around. Many people have submitted him because apparently his behavior is even more unpleasant than his profile. Good luck in life, kid!



Half Faced Douche


So bold he is to show half of his face along with his requirement of a profile pic and racism.



Innovative Grindr Douche



So many new innovative ways to hate on Grindr.



Butch Hat Douche

butch hat grindr douche


Hand Bag Douche

hand bag grindr douche


Extra Self-Loathing Douche

OK This grindr douche is really taking self-loathing to a new level. No DEEP VEES? I mean seriously? He wouldn’t date someone because of the neckline on his tee shirt? No gay face? What the hell does that mean? And satchels? What the fuck is he even talking about? Isn’t that a PURSE on his table? Purses are OK but satchels are bad? Ugh.


Ghey Douche

why the silent H for this grindr douche?