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Strokin’ Ugly Grindr Douche

stroking ugly grindr douche

Wow. It takes a lot of guts to demand good looks when you don’t even show your grindr douche face.


Report Douchebags of Grindr Douche





Ratings Douche

pic of ratings grindr douche
Well at least he’s humble enough to not call himself a ’10.’





Heaps of Grindr Douche

heaps-of-grinds douche


Go with the Douche



Yes, Mary, your nipples look VERY cultured.

Who was that masked douche?

Cnrist, she must be ugly under that thing.

Oprah Douche

Who needs Oprah when you can learn how to live from Grindturd?


Told: Douche

Huge... Douche