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Cunt Faced Douche

cunt faced grindr douche

Then what are you doing on Grindr,  making that ugly duck face?




What if I DO work out, but I don’t want to date someone who I have to put a bag over his face to have sex with?


Now This Thing is Just a Huge Mess of a Douche


There’s nothing to say about this huge mess that hasn’t already been said by himself.


After Douche


This huge douche equates being Asian with being unclean.


Ass-thetic Douche


An admitted body nazi and overall douche. HIs brains are in his abs apparently.


Dam Douche


Oh how I love to fantasize about vapid assholes like this getting old.

Total Dickhead



I suppose face doesn’t matter at all then?

2B or Not 2B a Racist Grindr Douche


Yes, another racist, here on Douchebags of Grindr. This one does’t want to take any loads from asians or blacks. That will keep him from seroconverting even though he barebacks.


Hateful Twat Grindr Douche


What a complete twat. Sara Jessica Parker weighs twice than what he weighs.


Mixed Racist Douche

self-loathing-mixed grindr douche

Umm.. he looks kind of Asian himself, and he even calls himself mixed.