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Hateful Twat Grindr Douche


What a complete twat. Sara Jessica Parker weighs twice than what he weighs.



God Don’t Like Ugly Grindr Douche


Wow. This one is really a piece of work. Racist, Fattist, Sizist, AND agist, but  UGLY UGLY UGLY HIMSELF!!



Be Nice But Not Really Grindr Douche

pic of be-nice-but-not-really grindr douche\

Yet another agist, fattist, Grindr douchey-poo.


Rhyming Douche

clever rhyming grindr douche


Sonic Douche

sonic grindr douche


Scooby Douche

scooby douche


Leathery Douche

leathery grindr douche


Ravaged Douche

ravaged grindr douche


Leaping Douche

leaping grindr douche


No Nothing Douche

a lot of negatives with this queen