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Body Like Douche

body like grindr douche


Douche Equals Douche

aka math douche of grindr
AKA Math Douche




Mixed Racist Douche

self-loathing-mixed grindr douche

Umm.. he looks kind of Asian himself, and he even calls himself mixed.



Don’t Be Douche

don't be a douche grindr douche


Eight Pack Asshole

8-pack-asshole grindr douche


Hot body just means your good for a night.  No personality means cunt for life.


Bro-bot Douche

brobot grindr douche

The newest category of Grinder Douche… The Grindr Bro.




Total Dickhead



I suppose face doesn’t matter at all then?


Ginger Douche

ginger grindr douche


Cunt Faced Douche

cunt faced grindr douche

Then what are you doing on Grindr,  making that ugly duck face?





What if I DO work out, but I don’t want to date someone who I have to put a bag over his face to have sex with?