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Hard Mess


What the hell is this one going on about?


Go Block Yourself, Dickhead!



Not only is he a racist but a hypocrite. Why are there SO MANY douchebags on Grindr? Seriously, why?

Charlie the Grindr Douche

Charlie the Grindr Douche

Grindr Douche

Unwanting Douche

Unwanting Grindr Douche

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Control Douche

Wow What a Douche!

Wow what a grindr douche!

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Power Douche

power grindr douche

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Bathroom Blocker

Grindr douche who is proud of his extreme blocking.

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Deleting Douche

This Grindr douche just likes to delete.

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Spree Douche

Grindr douche on a blocking spree.