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Charlie the Grindr Douche

Charlie the Grindr Douche

Grindr Douche

Control Douche

Block Loving Douche

another blocking addict. apparently he has no requirements. just loves to block. grindr douche.

Spree Douche

Grindr douche on a blocking spree.

Ravaged Douche

ravaged grindr douche

Mensa Douche

When you're as smart as this grindr douche, everyone else is retarded.

Douche in Repose

Racist grindr douche in repose also loves blocking. Such varied interests!

Darwinian Douche

Darwinian Grindr Douche loves to block.

Velvet Rope Douche

This grindr douche is oh so exclusive! Well he let you in?


Wasted Irish grindr douche.