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Abused as a Child Grindr Douche

grindr douche pic

So much hate on Grindr



Dis-Ease Douche

Oh but what you are missing, my darling, is that you are infected with the worst disease of all: ASSHOLISM.

Bro-bot Douche

brobot grindr douche

The newest category of Grinder Douche… The Grindr Bro.




A Douchebag’s Douche

Just a douche.


Are you HOT enough for this DOUCHE?


Another arrogant little twat.



After Douche


This huge douche equates being Asian with being unclean.



Engaged Douche


He’s engaged? What would marry this arrogant twat?



2B or Not 2B a Racist Grindr Douche


Yes, another racist, here on Douchebags of Grindr. This one does’t want to take any loads from asians or blacks. That will keep him from seroconverting even though he barebacks.



One Percenter Douche



People are so delusional. What’s with the ridiculous smirk? Who wants this thing anyway?


No Uglies Grindr Douche


What’s wrong with too many ugly people? Too much competition for you?