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Hate Everything Douche


He forgot to mention “no feminine nipples.”


Jerri Blank Douche

Jerri blank douche



Gaga Clone Grindr Douche


Sea Urchin Douche



If you’re going to be all bitchy and picky, you’d better have your side of the  street clean.

Incoming search terms:

  • grindr sea

Cunt Faced Douche

cunt faced grindr douche

Then what are you doing on Grindr,  making that ugly duck face?


After Douche


This huge douche equates being Asian with being unclean.


God Don’t Like Ugly Grindr Douche


Wow. This one is really a piece of work. Racist, Fattist, Sizist, AND agist, but  UGLY UGLY UGLY HIMSELF!!


Epidemic of Douche

epidemic-of-douche grindr

This Grindr douche gets around. Many people have submitted him because apparently his behavior is even more unpleasant than his profile. Good luck in life, kid!


Be Nice But Not Really Grindr Douche

pic of be-nice-but-not-really grindr douche\

Yet another agist, fattist, Grindr douchey-poo.

Lack of Self Awareness Grindr Douche


Oy vey.