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Smiley Block Nazi Douche

grindr douche block nazi 25


Sea Urchin Douche



If you’re going to be all bitchy and picky, you’d better have your side of the  street clean.


Chill Douche

chill grindr douche needs to chill for realz
He must have gone to the wrong parade this year.


Limited Fun Torso Douche

Well he wants to have fun, but isn’t this grindr douche kind of limiting himself?
another grindr douche


Douche Material

Douche Material
What does “ethnic” mean on a grindr profile? Any race except caucasian?


Yet Another One


Control Douche


Li’l Cunt

Incoming search terms:

  • tracy thorn is a cunt

Hate Everything Douche


He forgot to mention “no feminine nipples.”



Jerri Blank Douche

Jerri blank douche