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Quantum Douche

Hopefully, he's been chipped.

Jus Douche

Just a Grindr Douche

Band Douche

He's in a BAND. How can he be a Grindr Douche?

Specific Douche

a very specific grindr douche

Rhyming Douche

clever rhyming grindr douche

Douche Superior

the superior grindr douche

Incoming search terms:

  • naked boyz

Douche Extreme

grindr douche extreme

Metro PCS Race Hating Douche

OH he did NOT just accuse Metro PCS of being a phone company for black thugs, did he? I’m cuntfused. Grindr can be perplexing.

grindr douche who hates blacks and their phone carriers

Yeah OK

UB Douche 2

ub grindr douche 2