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Blocking Strategist Douche

There is a method to his grindr douchebaggery.


Run of the Mill Douche

run of the mill grindr douche


Tall Glass of Douche

a tall glass of grindr douche


Hand Bag Douche

hand bag grindr douche


Name Tag Douche

name tag douche


Quantum Douche

Hopefully, he's been chipped.

Bright Lights Big Douche


If you have to say you’re not racist, then you’re a racist.



Rych Douche

fabulously rich grindr douche

Clearly NOT a douche but couldn’t resist posting!


Band Douche

He's in a BAND. How can he be a Grindr Douche?


Specific Douche

a very specific grindr douche