18 thoughts on “Semper Douche”

  1. if you’re 30 years old and still in a frat or call yourself a frat boy, your education system has let you down, and i would ask for a refund.

  2. I’m not sure whether he ‘knows the gym’ or he wants to meet someone who ‘knows the gym’; Goes to show you that clearly written English syntax and frat boys rarely go hand in hand…

  3. Don’t ask for pix? That’s why Grindr has a picture sending feature DB!

    30 yrs old and still in frat? Sounds like someone’s hobbies include collecting “F’s”!

  4. “I don’t want a dude who’s wicked gay!” Translation: “I only want a guy who wants the D a little bit.”

  5. He’s not a douche, and you guys are the epitome of the kind of “male” he-and masculine men, in general-doesn’t want.

    1. LMAO
      My life’s pretty sweet, Ryan.
      As for my posts, which have enraged you to the point that youre typing in all caps(lol), all you have to do is prove just one of them wrong.
      It can’t be THAT difficult, can it…?:)


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