11 thoughts on “Published Douche”

  1. how is this guy a duche? just because he said he is masc? don’t be a jealous queen just cause he’s published

  2. He IS really cute…
    But @Isksk, I think he might appear like a megadouche because of “I know how language and speech patterns work.” It’s almost as pretentious as his faux-painted image.

  3. By far, the sweetest guy I’ve ever met… Intelligent, talented, and caring. I know its hard not to, but don’t be upset because he picked someone else and not you, queen.

  4. I’m guessing the douchiness lies in his need to state he is a “published playwright”; nice fact but I’d ask if I wanted to know. Wearing it like a badge is just pretentious; darling you’re not Andrew Lloyd Weber. Wait awhile first.

  5. Pretentious.
    I’d pass him by on the assumption that everything would be about him, and he’d be critiquing me. Fuck that.


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