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  1. I think it takes a while for communities used to homogenous culture (or in this case the dominant NZ white culture and Maori culture) to get used to the world around them changing. This is poorly put, offensive, and totally unnecessary, but I do understand shall we say this sort of sentiment from much older people than this guy. People of that generation are often just a bit surprised by what is happening around them. It is not necessarily malicious. In this guy’s case, he does not have old-age to vouch for him. FAIL. The biggest irony is that he actually looks like he could be Hapa! 🙂

  2. Confused or making a point? Having been to nz you can afford to be too fussy! Not a lot of gays, they all move to Sydney!

  3. I think this guy has a point.
    Have any of you been to NZ?
    I’m Pretty sure there were more Asians than locals.

  4. “More Asians than locals”

    @ Yup: What “locals”? You mean the descendants of European invaders who colonized the country 100 years ago?

    Oh, the irony of a Caucasian asshole complaining there are too many “Asians” on his South East Asian Pacific Island of a country!!

  5. Pity that there are always guys like BB above who have to resort to the derogatory “queen” comments whenever they have nothing better to say. Most gay men grow up with a fear of being ridiculed for “not being man enough” or even bullied for being effeminate. So, because it is the worst form of insult and shame they know, because they gave experienced it themselves. They think they are really hitting another gay with a low blow by calling him a girly queen. Don’t you realize BB that you only expose your own history with the “queen” label with your lame comments. Sure, the NZ guy is a douche. But is it truly necessary to call him a queen? What does his racism have to do with his masculinity? Are you suggesting BB that being a gay racist makes you a queen? Is it really the aim of this site to trade one form of prejudice and bigotry for another? Wonder what we will find on YOUR Grindr profile BB.

  6. Having travelled a bit I’m nz the white guys u meet are usually 18 ir over 50 the ones in between all live in UK or Sydney! The Asian guys are pretty cute really andto be honest you can’t afford to be that fussy in nz the gay scene Is dire

  7. I’m always amused when white people complain about other races “invading their territory” that they always like to forget that they stole from others.LOL


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