21 thoughts on “Heady Yet Headless”

  1. This does not seem douchy at all — a lot of these guys on here – yes. But not this one. Putting it up here just seems bitter and mean. In fact, kind of douche-baggy.

  2. I know this guy and he works with animals and is nice and really smart. Why he was put up here is beyond me.

  3. Let’s be honest: Attraction starts with looks. He can get a chance to prove his romantic, intellectual side later.

  4. To those who can’t see the douchebaggery here:

    1. Putting up a headless torso pic but expecting to find a “deep romantic relationship” is stupid AKA douchey!

    2. Anyone who ever puts “not into hookups” on their Grindr profile is a douchebag period! Grindr was invented for hookups! This is not eHarmony boys!

    PS: Same goes for guys “just looking for friends”. Go join a bowling league, douchebag!

  5. YOU ARE ALL DOUCHEBAGS for your bitchy comments on this one.
    Showing off your torso doesn’t make you a slut or invite for sex.
    Cock or dick or ass photos do. Period. Secondly, he says ATHLETIC INTELLECTUAL, meaning, he’s showing off that he’s athletic. Lastly, all of you BITCHES would be BITCHING if he didn’t show his body ans say ‘oh, I doubt he’s athletic hiding his torso from us’ just like I’ve seen you say on other videos, you jealous cows.

  6. I suppose it’s the not into hookups but showing us his abs
    I wouldn’t feel sorry for him I’m.sure he’s over it!


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