11 thoughts on “Eddiot”

  1. Well let me se this straight, before you block them, they’ve already blocked you! UGH! who wants a fairy dust like you?

    1. How did the concept of this site fly over your head? It exists to mock people who are ageist, fat/femme phobic, and RACIST etc. And there you go saying something racist. Oye.

  2. BH-LOCK!
    And block you again the next time I have to unblock everyooooooone, cause I want a blowjob from that guys a bit of a twit, but gives amazing head and his a slapper.
    You know how it is.

  3. I’ll give him points for listing his actual race and not pulling that “I’m white, not [Hispanic race/country here], I just tan a lot” shit. But yeah the egomania is a deal breaker. I’d never talk to him.


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