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  1. Nope I’m not a queen. Funny how many dudes have contacted me agreeing with my somewhat tongue in cheek “preference.” Get over yourselves bitter interweb queens!!

  2. Let’s not pick on poor MJ. I think he may have other issues going on. Sunglasses and a hat often tell us that the subject of a photo is uncomfortable with exposing himself or being who he actually wants to be. It is something of a self-hatred.

  3. I don’t get it – so if you open your mouth up, you’re a queen? And douchebag just coz other self-loathing douchebags have patted you on the back for being a douchebag, doesn’t make being a douchebag less douchebaggy. Douchebag.

  4. This guy’s preference is perfectly legitimate. Those fake “o-face fashion queen” shots kind of make me sick.

  5. Well I don’t know, at 225 I’d say his mouth is only closed because he’s chewing. Amazing how people on Grindr are so critical of what they don’t like in others while assuming they are a hot catch without flaw or imperfection.

    And yes, the glasses and hat mean he’s hiding. The effects of aging. NEVER trust a pic with a hat OR glasses.

    1. It’s the same on http://www.guyswithiphones.com. If a guy manscapes, he gets 20 comments on how he shouldn’t. If he doesn’t manscape, he gets 20 comments on how he should. If he’s cut, someone has to comment on how he “prefers uncut”. And vice-versa. I’d like to see the critics post their own pictures…

      But I disagree with trusting a picture with a hat OR glasses. Both, yes. But one or the other, just be cautious and take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes guys wear ball caps as their security blanket… I used to.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what turns you off – I know the exact face he’s talking about and it doesn’t do anything for me either – and picking on him because of his weight and glasses? Well if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black…

  7. i think whenever there’s any kind of insecurity in people when they make these profiles they have HAVE to include some kind of attack on somebody else, at least he’s outright about being an asshole, it would have taken time and energy to figure it out if he was one of those self-proclaimed “nice guys”

  8. I think MJ is OK. I have a feeling he means that he doesn’t want mega douchie like some of the examples previously seen. There’s a place for everyone… and at least he’s not (i hope) racist!

  9. No, I.agree he’s self.loathing. Acting masculine is a straight terminology and gays can never be straight period because they stick it in other men. Why don’t you really write straight acting isn’t that what you really want?

  10. Acting masculine is a straight terminology??? Really? (pause to gather my thoughts.) also, he didn’t say acting. Masculine is an adjective: descriptive, concise and neutral, regardless of what you want to make it.

  11. MJ… are you referring to that thing they always talk about on America’s Next Top Model that Tyra doesn’t really like in photos? GURL, I FEEL YOU! Only the top models from the 90s – Christy, Linda, Claudia, etc. – could pull that off! Go on with cho bad self!

  12. P.S. That Abercrombie “aged” hat is very old. I know lots of menz that love to show their age by being true to themselves. They’re like fine wine, and not cheap knock offs that love to hide their bitter taste. Embrace your age. Like RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

  13. I wear a hat and sunglasses because that’s what I like to wear. I’m comfortable with myself and I’m not hiding anything. You’re over thinking it.

    Rob up there pretty much said the rest

  14. Actually, I was on my way out the door to a baseball game, thus I was wearing sunglasses and baseball cap (featuring the logo of the team I was going to see). I did not realize that spontaneously taking a pic of myself and posting a sarcastic profile blurb would telegraph such volumes of information, that I am self-loathing, aging horribly, merely “straight-acting” (i.e., closeted), etc. Color me disabused. And please forgive me for being a self-actualized openly gay masculine guy who finds other masculine guys attractive. I’ll try to swish it up more in the future.

    1. MJ,
      Your rejection of the effeminates at DoG has completely upset their sense of sexual entitlement, so they lash out, like bitchy teenage girls, ironically, proving your point!:)

  15. MJ, you’re such a liar. I bet you go brunching with your “girlz” every Sunday and try to pick up on the waiter. Masculine? Don’t make me put down my martini and laugh!

  16. I’m on Grindr everyday and I don’t see the “gaping mouth queeny face” as a very big problem. I can’t imagine that MJ ran into it so often that he felt compelled to mention it in his profile.

    Now people that post pics that obscure their face, now that’s a rampant problem!

  17. This guy looks like a faggot anyways, so I don’t know who he’s trying to fool being a big gay STD-filled bottom. He looks like a treasure island media bottom who’s got AIDS from his skin complexion, and if he wanted to be actually funny and witty, he’d have said something like “No Carp-Face.” or something of that ilk.

  18. I can attest that MJ is not a douchebag. In fact, great guy. Nor is he an std-filled bottom. Trust me. I’m a db that’s lucky he didn’t write me off.

    For being a website about people judging others unfairly, everyone here sure was quick to judge.

    Still, this website is remarkably hilarious.

  19. I can attest that MJ is not a douchebag. In fact, great guy. Nor is he an std-filled bottom. Trust me. I’m a db that’s lucky he didn’t write me off.

    For being a website about people judging others unfairly, everyone here sure was quick to judge.

    Still, this website is remarkably hilarious. Lol

  20. I really don’t understand this hang-up on masculine vs feminine. There is no traditionally masculine way to have sex with another guy, at least in society’s eyes. I’m sick of all this assimilationism. “It’s okay to be gay as long as you keep it under wraps and act in a way that everyone assumes you’re straight based on a very narrow understanding of gender…”

    1. HG,
      It’s about men wanting to be with men who behave like MEN.
      You’re supposed to be a gay MAN, not a 13 year-old mall rat girl with a penis.

  21. MJ’s not a douchebag. He’s got a point, and you bitter, effeminate, rejected guys’ comments proved it for him.
    You’re all so “smart”…:)

  22. Baseball is a pretend crappy sport not as good as cricket
    But other than that he’s prolly relieved he did cover up before being featured here!

  23. He looks pretty hot to me its a clear picture anyway
    I’d do him with his cap and shades on!
    Adam please go away your samey posts are so 2012

        1. Why should I change my response, when you’ve yet to change yours, in response to being rejected?
          Again, the best way to shut me up is to prove me wrong.
          Just once.:)


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