18 thoughts on “Cake Taker”

  1. Duh, clearly his experiences as a gay person are more genuine and fulfilling than the rest of ours! I should know better next time and listen to what this guy says because only straight acting guys get to eat heart shaped cakes!!!!

  2. Us Australians are not fools, but as for this douche, if she turned up at a daddie’s picnic she’d go home rich. Jail bait.

  3. Sorry, I’m not into dudes who “act” anything. I’m into dudes who have the balls to live authentically.

    All the men with gender and sexual hang ups, off you go.

  4. Adam firstly stop liking your own posts that’s just sad.
    This guys profile isn’t that bad – there’s a lot of guys his age who do make being gay everything. I always maintained another life outside that bubble. I like him!

    1. Trent, don’t project your behavior onto me.lol
      That said, I do find the idea that someone’s agreement with my post frustrates you so much, you have to make such trivial accusations.:)


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