27 thoughts on “Another One”

  1. I cannot interfere with his preference, but I guess he does not know how nice rice or sushi could be …

  2. So sad that this twat has nothing to sa about himself, except that he is a racist douchebag. Nothing to offer the world, just NO SUSHI. Sad sad Aussie loser

    1. I almost spat my drink on the screen over your Paris Hilton comment. SPOT ON.

      It is kind of sad that there is nothing he could think about himself to say except that he doesn’t like Asians. WOW.

  3. This one gave me a bit of a shock, because my boyfriend’s surname is Bren…. luckily my guy is cuter (to me anyway) and has a lot more going for him.

  4. Jason
    I wonder if the asian jokes are replaced with a punch in the face. Would you find it funny when it is repetitive?

  5. there are so many asian hotties that DO NOT fit the “asian stereotype” aka skinny/glasses/nerd/small dick, who cares if he is too narrow minded? anyone who has been to asia would know.

  6. I like how he had to clarify it though.

    “I’m racist… aka RACIST”

    How do Asians not hire Ninja costumes and scare the fuck out of these idiots.

  7. Seriously, WTF are Asian dudes doing to get rejected from so many different types of men, from so many different walks of life? It’s not racism. Bigots aren’t smart enough to be so specific in their BS. I don’t get it.
    My experiences with Asian men have always been wonderfully positive.


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