14 thoughts on “Ping Polo Douche”

  1. I know exactly what the douche means. I threw up a little in my throat when I had to look at his ugly face for 5 seconds

  2. Attractiveness is relative, douche. Might want to do something to detract from your massive forehead. Do you screen movies on that thing?

  3. Let’s be honest, let’s be honest – how old are you? “Dumbo droopy ears” Really? You lower yourself to throwing slander about someone you don’t know and your words of choice are typically used by children. Oh my god… what is this world coming to?

    A site dedicated to the stupid to bitch about and judge someone they deem a “douchebag” I say the REAL “douchebagsofgrindr” are the ones submitting people and the ones involved in the childish and pointless slanderous trashy talk.

    Please, grow up.


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