16 thoughts on “Kind Douche”

  1. Hi, I’m the douchebag you just posted. Do me a favor, can hook me up with the other hot douchebag you just posted right before me?

  2. A) I’m 100% German, nothing else, not even 1% latino. But if I was latino, i’d be cool with saying that I’m latino. Heritage doesnt change the way I look or feel about myself.

    B) Guy with the butter face comment, nobody would ever say something like that if they didnt have EXTREMELY LOW SELF ESTEEM. Get that checked out, im sure it’s probably holding you back a lot in life and relationships.

    I’ve never heard of this site until somebody told me that I was on it. Seems kinda trashy, like a tabloid except only for people that are on Grindr all the time. Why else would someone give a shit?

    So thanks for all the hate guys. You’re doing really great things for the world in your spare time!

  3. ha ha he isn’t even hot. He looks like he has a nervous twitch happening..

    Physical issues aside, he seems like someone you would not call back after a first date. Perhaps even change number to avoid contact.

  4. Michael’s not a douche.
    He’s just honest about rejecting YOU.
    Your responses just prove how much his rejection hurts you.
    Quit being flabby, bitchy effeminates, and you might have a shot.

    1. As far as your concern, I think everyone here has a better shot at him than you, Adam.

      Especially considering that no one was actually bitching about “BEING REJECTED” in this comments page.

      1. LOL
        You wish.
        My dating record would serve to make you only more embittered.
        This entire site’s premise is about effeminate guys like you bitching about masculine guys who reject them.
        Who are you kidding?:)

  5. wow! Michael you really must be the gay version of mother Theresa! “don’t confuse my kindness for your hotness?” seriously like I need your kindness! LOL!


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