10 thoughts on “Ginger Douche”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t “no ugly people” and “no fake people” come off as self-loathing?

  2. ok so i have standards im not going to belittle my self because im around little girls who like to cry about everything grow up

  3. Umm, he should take a look in the mirror before he says no ugly people can contact him. Do people really not know what their league is? I’m not saying he couldn’t get the hottest man in the world, BUT, that possibility is slim. He needs to look in the mirror cuz he fugly.

  4. Boy, this guy’s profile has really hit you ‘guys’ were you live, eh?
    He’s not a douche, and his response hits the nail on the head.
    You prove his points for him.:)


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