17 thoughts on “Fishing… fishing for what?”

  1. Rail thin. Speedo with NO discernible bulge and you want “beautiful people only”? Guess that wipes himself out, too.

  2. Not showing your face on Grindr is always douchy. Note to DW: Most men have hair on their legs. Women too! Are you only dating underage Asian girls?

  3. “Beautiful people only” said the headless torso. That shit is tired…Seriously, fuck you guys

  4. HejDet bedste er helt klart alle trtarionedne – god mad, julekalender og hvad der ellers hører til. Og sÃ¥ elsker jeg nÃ¥r man ser folk der virkelig forstÃ¥r julens Ã¥nd – nemlig det at hjælpe og være gode ved hinanden.

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