15 thoughts on “Engaged Douche”

  1. He’s not a douche. He’s honest. He’s not into you.
    Why do you invest so much into the people who don’t want you?

    1. And, already, Adam was the very first to post (mind you, a very original message).

      I’ve been wondering for a while whether he has some sort of abnormal turn-on regarding douchbagsofgrindr commentors berating him on his senseless responses, since he knows his comments don’t make sense on multiple accounts; including the fact that he knows so-claimed physically “hot VGL guys” are amoung the haters of these douchebags. I can utterly see him sitting in front of his computer with baby oil and a box of tissue in hand, since telling off haters that “hot guys don’t want [them]” has some sort of erotic effect on him.

      1. My post make very good sense. They frustrate you because they run afoul of your sense of entitlement to every swinging penis, and can’t handle rejection, your responses serving only to validate their(wise)choice to reject you.
        If so many men, from so many walks of life reject you, it’s not them. It’s you.
        Consider your ways.:)

    1. Tippy,
      Reading comprehension really isn’t “your thing”, obviously.
      Neither is becoming desirable enough to catch one of these guys, instead of just bitching about them.
      Best of luck to you.

      1. As well-rounded logical thinking beyond inept assumptions (and, more so, practicing such modern thinking skills) really isn’t much your thing, Adam.

        Best of luck to you, little ‘un.

  2. the only douche around here is the insecure, oversensitive,way too desperate douche who makes these posts. Dude u are not God , not every one wants to be smothered by your femininity

  3. Dear gay men who value masculinity over femininity: The rest of us value intelligence over you.

    Also, Adam, get a fucking life.

  4. So the guy has a,fairly masc looking pic so he’s gonna be masc in real life? Btw Persian means Iranian or Iraqi. I suppose that’s the problem with these dating sites – people assume so much from a carefully taken picture…
    And looking for friends? Yup I dress like this when I do the same!


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