13 thoughts on “Yet Another Self-Loathing Grindr Douche”

  1. Whys it self loathing to not be into your own race? Sexuality is diverse. There a people that fuck cars for Christ sake. Haha

  2. It’s self loathing to think that everyone from your specific background is unattractive. “Everyone” includes you.

  3. I disagree that it means you don’t like yourself.
    It just means you’re attracted to something different. Are there any studies on this?
    It would be interesting reading.

  4. This website seems a tad hypocritical. Sure racism and femmephobia and agism are all bad, but what do you expect from people that are using an application that can be considered ‘superficial’ in many ways? There are definitely people on grindr who are better than these douches. These douches definitely need to be criticized. But what of the connection between this superficiality and a mode of sociality that is so specular?

  5. hint: he’s looking to *chat*.

    unless hating people of your own race inside your social network isn’t even a bit self-hating, your point is off.

  6. I wouldn’t fuck a black guy either. He’s just being honest, if you are attractive enough to GET a white guy, why settle???

    1. Parker, I understand why you don’t want to fuck a black guy.
      I wouldn’t want to fuck anyone who made me feel and look as aesthetically, physically, sexually, culturally, etc., inferior as black men obviously make you feel and look.:)

  7. He’s not self-loathing. He’s just not into other black men. Okay.
    Besides, since when do GWM care about how black people feel about themselves and each other. Cut the crap, queens.
    You’re some of the most pathetic racists out there. Hypocrites.


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