14 thoughts on “Yet Another Racist Grindr Douche”

  1. Again, no racist here.
    He’s just smart enough to post what he’s not into, to avoid being deluged with responses he doesn’t want, which makes perfect sense to this bi black man.

    1. Do you seriously spend all your time on here repeating the same bullshit? Lol, I bet your pic was posted on this site that’s why you’re so upset 🙂 Bye douche.

      1. LOL
        Given your tantrum, it’s a safe bet that you’re the one who’s hurt here. If my posts are such “BS”, why is it that NONE of you can ever refute them? You can’t refute the truth, so, you resort to the kinds of behavior that leave alone and bitter.

      1. 1234, I want to thank you for illustrating the point of ALL of my posts, better than I ever could.

        Your post was both racist AND homophobic, proving(once again)that miserable posters like you are the biggest douches on this site. It’s probably a safe bet that that kind of despicable behavior is not limited to online posts.

        Again, this is why hot men reject you; your behavior, to the extent that you’re seething about others’ rejections, as if by proxy. That’s how deep your collective psychoses goes.

        I should note that in the year since you posted your comment, not one of the usual “white knights” called you out on your behavior. I guess they were too busy reveling in it, making their “color-blind altruism” situational, at best.

        You’re your worst enemies…

  2. I agree with *Adam.

    This guys just doesn’t want rice as his main meal.

    Unfortunately, in this super close digital world, everybody gets to find this out, even those who are *deeply offended.

    1. I don’t believe in censorship at all, so this is completely fine on that level. However, it is racist because he has excluded two entire ethnicities based upon some preconceived perceptions. He isn’t saying that he doesn’t want rice as his main meal: he is saying that he will never eat rice. That’s racist.

  3. Can Adam explain his message here :
    “to avoid being deluged with RESPONSES he doesn’t want” ?
    Why would someone not want to get “responses” ?
    And “deluged” ? really ? I think with that profile pic, that guy will be safe from any deluge. EVER.
    But thanks anyways for trying to pass this kind of racist message off as normal profile description.

    1. Seriously? I have to explain this to you? Oy vey, here we go:
      1.What part of responses HE DOESN’T WANT didn’t you understand? Not everyone is desperate for just anyone to say “hi”?

      2.Yes, deluged. He may not be to your taste, but, he, either, is trying to block more A&B replies or he’s trying to stop them before they even begin, which, frankly, is even smarter.

    2. People who are very good looking do get deluged by responses. Day and night. No matter where you are. Young, white, in-shape, good looking guys are ALWAYS getting responses…hundreds of them. Yeah, it sucks to not be what somebody’s looking for. But maybe people should stop being so butt hurt over people who are not into you and start looking for those who are.

  4. Real racism exists: discrimination in housing, employment, racial profiling by police. White privilege is real and it penetrates just about every aspect of American culture. But we are entitled to have physical preferences. We shouldn’t be shamed into having sex with people we are not physically attracted to just because it’s politically correct. And if you are more attractive than the average guy (as this guy clearly is), you are used to getting hit up all the time. That’s just the way it is. You have to put some filters in your profile to let others know what you’re not looking for. Sorry, social justice warriors. Life is what it is.


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