21 thoughts on “Velvet Rope Douche”

  1. I don’t get those guys. Do they think this makes them attractive??

    I mean he’s ugly and fat regardless – but even if he wasn’t, why would you make this the only thing you have to say about yourself??

  2. 158lbs for 5’6 wouldn’t necessarily be fat if itwas all muscle.

    In his case, just from his face (and his position in the picture which neatly hides his entire body) you can tell it’s 158lb of fat.

    Also bear in mind you can put “158lb”, Grindr doesn’t come to your house to check you’re not lying.

  3. Once again, all of the comments are picking apart the physical appearance of the “douchebag”. I mean, yeah he comes off as quite the douche in his profile, but the people commenting here are even bigger douches I think for immediately stooping to “he’s fat!” and “he’s ugly!” comments.

  4. I’m not sure when this was taken, this guys is in my city, but his profile currently is blank and it says nothing like this what the picture shows. Also I have seen him in person and he is not fat at all, he is quite muscular..it’s just not the most flattering pose.

  5. he probably had to stand on that bed to reach the keyboard on his phone. a clear case of short man’s disease in full bloom.

  6. Hi,

    The douchebag in the picture here.

    Thanks for your kind words! I hate having to explain a joke, but basically, I’m mocking the block-happy guys; thus, the smiley. Insecurity seems to take over a sense of humor.

    I do love the title though (Velvet Rope).

    Keep the hate alive,

  7. What an ugly fuck-tard, this shithead looks like rotten trash tossed in a sewer. I’d block the fat bitch without reading his fucking nonsense.

  8. I agree with Scott – some of the posters here are true massengill douche bags.

    I also agree with Joesy 0 he;’s cute but his eye says he’s snarky, to say the least.

  9. Agree with Scott, the ppl who stoop to the lowest common denominater by calling him fat, ugly, etc are perpetuating the same kinds of shallow attitudes as the real douchebags out there. What’s the point in that?

    Sick of ppl hating just for the ‘fun’ of it


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