27 thoughts on “Uncle Douche”

  1. How do you “grow a pair”? I mean, is there some kind of food supplement to take, in case you were born without testicles?

  2. He’s not really a douche, he’s just your common short mexican….they’re a dime a dozen, nothing special at all.

  3. i wish i knew about this site earlier. i said hi to this exact guy before, and his response was “so asian”. wtf! so racist!!

  4. YES! This is great. This guy is a HUGE douche. And a total slut. He already posted on FB saying he feels like Britney. What a douche.

    1. Yes, he is.
      Why am I not surprised that these “guys” don’t get the reference, despite their supposed “mastery of pop culture”?:)

  5. He’s not a douche. He’s a masculine man who’s interested in the same. If that doesn’t include you, who’s fault is that?

  6. No actually if you check the dates you bought him back after 3 years.
    Fact. 2012-2015. Don’t let a fact get in the way of your hysterics.

    1. You’re projecting.
      The administrator recycles the posts, not the comments(that you can’t handle), but, nice try. Maybe, if you’d put the same amount of effort into becoming the kind of man that masculine guys want,…
      Eh, who am I kidding?
      Bitching about them is more your speed.
      Carry on.:)


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