16 thoughts on “Ultrabutch Ultradocuhe”

  1. Again, where’s the douche”ness”?

    He’s just a masculine guy who doesn’t want to sleep with any of you, and says so, openly. Respect his honesty and move on…like men.

  2. Two questions, where did you find this one and what bath house does he go to? 🙂
    You call him a douche but I think he is a cutie, though we would have to work on that football crap, MMA is so much better.

  3. “If you don’t bench 350”
    “know the middle names of all the football players”

    I don’t think 95% of self-identified masculine guys are going to be hitting him up. Just saying.

  4. Hes trying way too hard…. But not so douchey? Also American football isn’t a ‘ real sport ‘ – it’s crap! Watxh rugby! 😉

  5. He’s a teenage douche, which is just redundant. Just wait till he hits 30-40 y.o. then his tune will change pretty quickly.


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