19 thoughts on “Be Nice But Not Really Grindr Douche”

  1. As usual Adam misses the point -are all your friends supermodels? No? He doesn’t want to hook up so ‘keepin it real ‘shallow douche or dishonest douche take your pic! Adam with your pop psychology comments please bugger off

  2. LOL
    As with the profiles, if you can’t handle being contradicted/rejected, i.e., faced with your undesirability, follow your own advice.

    And, yes, most of my friends/lovers/partners look like supermodels…and they don’t want you.:)

  3. Pardon me if my intuition is off, but why do I get the feeling that Adam is one of the douchebags who has been referenced on this site?

    While the status of douchiness for at least a few of the referenced guys are a bit quiestionable, no way is one willingly consistently blind in the face of obvious prejudice and insensitive behaviour.

    Looks like someone is embittered.
    ” 🙂 “

    1. LOL
      AC, your “intuition” is, indeed, way off. BTW, you’re projecting.
      You “guys” are embittered about being rejected.
      I just state why hot, masculine guys don’t want you.
      Then, instead of trying to make yourselves attractive, you piss and moan…bitterly.:)

  4. There we go again with the “you guys”. *roll eyes* (Read my response to one of your other replies to me on this site.)

    But, I’ll simply let you alone in front of your computer to enjoy yourself with your “They’ ain’t no douches, get over it” spammy sentiment. Maybe (keyword) the problem of self-esteem lies within yourself; and wish that you see it in everyone else, so as to not feel isolated.

    In the meantime, I’m pretty decently content with my own looks and physique. ^-^

    *blows kiss to self in mirror (in a non-arrogant way…ha…)*

    1. LOL
      Nice attempt(and failure)at projection, not to mention, circular “logic”. If only you’d been able to disprove my points, any of ’em, just once…

  5. LOL
    Nice attempt (and failure) at invalidating the very fact that you’re possibly one of the shamed douchebags on this site by fraily dismissing a false fallacy in logic (circular argument, is it?) that doesn’t even make any sense in this situation.

    Not to mention a “projection” which, as anyone can clearly see, was substantially based on your own consistent trollishly dodging people’s point on why you’re wrong.

    Any other further attempt you’d like to try at eluding the guilt that you’ve built upon yourself?

    1. LOL
      How can I possibly feel guilt about sharing a most obvious truth, which is that you come here to piss and moan about the hot guys who don’t want you, instead of doing what’s required to make yourselves desirable, and getting the hunk whose rejections sting so intensely, that an entire site was created about it?:)

    1. LOL Your bitterness amuses me.
      Bitching at me for telling the truth about your motivations won’t make attractive men desire you.
      Making yourself attractive, inside and out, just might.

      On another note, I get the distinct impression that my posts are the most attention you’ve received from an attractive man in YEARS…

  6. Profile isn’t terrible – apart from the no hooks up…really? get off grindr then! I’m sure there’s better places to meet potential friends rather than shags. Of course Adam has no real sense of irony ( American and poorly educated) so not expecting a sensible reply…

    1. LOL
      Obviously, you want my attention, so, I’ll play a long.
      My sense of irony is irrelevant.
      What is relevant, however, is your inability/refusal to ask yourself why so many handsome men reject you.
      When they come from so many different walks of life, it’s not them. It’s not “effemephobia”.
      It’s you.
      Consider your ways.

  7. I get the age limit ( just think of more pleasant Way to say it pls,) but just wanting to chat with attractive guys is total bs. Come clean!!


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