6 thoughts on “Mr. Popular Grindr Douche”

  1. I’ve visited areas where my mates have said grindrs dead, I get there and my Grindr goes off.
    I’d tell people that Grindr is quiet where I am. But I’ve already made my friends, worked out who I’m compatible with… And they figured out if they liked me.
    When my mates come here they get a lot of messages too.
    I think it’s just someone new in the area and his inbox was thrashed.
    Saying it’s a bit full on doesn’t seem douchey too me.

  2. Alternative is seeming rude & ignoring everyone… I’ve gone to new towns & phone has crashed 3 days in a row due to being unable to handle volume of incoming messages, so if we assume ignoring people is rude, is telling them why they’re not getting a reply really so bad?

  3. People in the comments section are missing the point. The fact he’s letting people know he’s had a lot of messages doesn’t make him a douche, it’s the fact he feels the need to state the volume e.g. 200+


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