10 thoughts on “Lack of Self Awareness Grindr Douche”

  1. Where’s the douche-like behavior here?
    He’s handsome, he knows it and he wants only other handsome men(i.e., not you).
    I’m new to this site, but, it’s pretty clear that it’s for all of the unwanted femme guys to bitch about the hot, masculine guys who don’t want them.

  2. LOL @ Tippy.
    Yep, he’s good-looking, and he’s not into you.
    Quit bitchin’, already. That’s why these guys don’t want to be around you.:)

  3. Erm as usual you presume a lot! I’ve never had a grindr account but enjoy snooping at friends! Adam you really make the same comment every time -give it up.

  4. LOL
    Boys, you should follow your advice.
    Bitching about the guys who don’t want you, instead of making yourselves attractive, is a recipe for a miserably frustrating life.


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