17 thoughts on “Innovative Grindr Douche”

  1. It would seem you also hate the woman sitting next to you in the car. A huge X over a person’s face is a pretty loaded way of protecting their anonymity.

  2. Who can blame him for “hating gays”, considering their behavior, sexual and otherwise? If gay guys weren’t obnoxious, they, as a group, might be valued by people other than Lady Ga-Ga.

  3. Who can blame him for “hating gays”, considering their behavior,
    Adam you just outed yourself as a self hating gay boy, good luck with that as it’s very unattractive to everyone else.

  4. Nope I like being gay I’m pretty adjusted and a regular guy -don’t like the online nastiness on these apps as it’s upsetting more sensitive guys!
    You presume far too much and project your own hang-ups with every inane post -change the fecking record love

  5. No, Adam. Your post annoys us because you’re a little juvenile spammer who recite the exact same fatuous rhetoric in mulitple threads, literally contributing nothing to neither this website nor your own counter-cause against it.
    Surely, you realize by now that overlaying anyone and everyone who gets irritated by Grindr idiots with the “They’re not douches, they’re hot guys who don’t want you, get over it” line isn’t so effective when its the same thing you say without even truly knowing whether or not it actually applies to individual persons?

    1. Already, let me ask you about “attractive” people: What exactly is attractive? A certain type of muscle-bound combined with an eye and face-structural type that is pleasing to you?

      (And then, what exactly do you say to those cute muscle-heads who are within the crowd of “embittered” and “annoyed” commentators and find nothing flattering about the douchebags being posted?)

      I don’t think any form of “fate” exists beyond the frail imagery you try to instill in people; since we “haters” against the douchebags are an array of beautiful, each one with unique physical attributes who find different physical attributes attractive.

      For all you care, some of us may not necessarily find some of these showcased DB’s attractive. So then, where does your trite “get over it” response stand in those situations? Since we’re not jealous of those people.

  6. LOL
    And, yet, your frustration grows. The truth still hurts, I see.
    Had any of you a chance with the hot guys you whine about, you’d have done it by now. But, you haven’t, because you’re exactly the type they don’t want. Trying to bitch at me won’t resolve that issue. Backing away from processed foods and diva worship might.:)

  7. “And, yet, your frustration grows. ”
    Nah, Bucky. My frustration doesn’t need to. I’ll simply let people’s negative attitude about your spamming (not necessarily about your opinion on “effeminate guys” and their “whining”) speak for itself.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of masculine guys, while on the subject, don’t like you in real life.

    “The truth still hurts, I see.”
    Do you actually think you get to us by having your mouth run these predictable hackneyed lines that don’t even stimulate thought anymore?

    All the while, you still have yet to sit down and actually think about what I’m asking you.

      1. Adam I wouldn’t even want to hook up with a guy if he is being a complete douche in his profile. It’s not “bitching about being rejected” – it’s called having some self-respect.

        1. Nah, it’s about you bitching about being rejected, i.e, the whole “sour grapes” thing.
          If you had any self-respect, you’d be the kind of man that attractive, masculine men want.
          But, you’re not, so, you piss, moan and validate their preferences.


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