32 thoughts on “Friends, Fun, Douche”

  1. When I was young, cute and thin I had that same attitude. Dont worry, what goes around comes around and someday hell be 50 like me.

  2. For 18 he ain’t aging well. I’d say he has about 2 more years before he looks in a mirror and contemplates suicide.

  3. He doesn’t talk to unattractive people not because he thinks he is attractive, but because talking to the unattractive would confirm to him his own unattractiveness. Keep yourself in that bubble. Yawn.

  4. Honestly all of you guys are complete assholes and have nothing better to do with your time trying to bash other gays really? Its sad that all of you enjoy bashing on him when he’s 18 And trying to have a good time and be young.

  5. I find it kind of sad that the harshest condemnation people seem to use in the comments threads tend to be: you’ll be old/fat someday!

    It’s like we’re railing against shallow fags by be being shallow fags. Calling a guy out as a douche for fun and profit is awesome, but this guy’s profile doesn’t seem all that douchey compared to most of ones on here. But yelling about how one day he’ll be less attractive than he is now, by his own standards, seems kinda douchey.

  6. I know this kid and he’s got a great butt. I’m jealous. Don’t hate on him because your old and fat and and the highlight of your day is scratching balls and talking shit. Get over yourself and go get your back waxed you probably need to anyways….

  7. Im so disappointed in all of the negative comments on this site. It’s funny that we are constantly trying to gain the same rights and acceptance as the straight community but we cannot even accept ourselves. We haven’t proved our worth as a gay “community”.

    The “It gets better” videos are a joke. It doesn’t get better, you just grow up and become bitter and bitchy. We promote awareness and beg people to stop driving our younger generations to suicide, and we go onto sites like these and do the exact same thing as what we set out to stop.

    The younger generations do not stand a chance. I’m no scholar and I can attest to the previous post about this guy growing up and changing his tune when he’s 30. I was a party boy and guess I still am but we all learn what’s important eventually.

    Having called out his “Jew-Fro” is essentially the same as racism which is what most of these posts are supposed to be put on this site for in the first place, no?

    I was honestly expecting a laugh when I learned of this site. I am actually more disappointed in our community by reading the comments.

    1. I’m always disappointed in our “community”.
      They won’t let me be anything else, because they exemplify all of the worst character traits, then, demand that they be celebrated.
      Ironically, the supposed “douches” tend to me the most linear (i.e., manly), and will probably live a much better life than the vast majority of their critics.

  8. Hes only a young lad and let’s face it most of us were the same then! Young confident and tactless!
    Think you gotta give young guys a free pass and not judge until they’re old enough to know better!

    1. Why should he sleep with anyone less attractive than he is, just to validate YOU?
      Get over your sense of entitlement, please.
      Doing so will do you a world of good.
      Prove me wrong.:)


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