8 thoughts on “Crazy Bitchy Grindr Douche”

  1. When did being married, cheating and closeted become equal to smart, successful and “supper” discrete, whatever that might mean?

  2. Not sure where to start with this one. Very very specific in requests and actually he’s told us more than he thinks , sad closet case, very fussy although not willing to share a body pic , high standards ….douchometer off the scale !

  3. This guy’s not a douche. He’s actually pretty smart, on several levels. He knows that queens will steal whatever images he posts in his profile for, either, to use on their profiles or to ‘smear’ him publicly(Femme gay ‘guys’, like women, LOVE to publicly destroy what they cannot have.).
    Clearly, he has standards and won’t accept just anything that presents itself(Perhaps, that’s the part that pisses you off the most, eh?). Kudos.
    I just hope that he’s what he presents himself to be.
    As for the infidelity accusations, his wife may know all about his Grindr/app usage. If he’s really smart, he’s married to a bi woman who has her female friends on the side, too.
    Besides, your ‘concern’ about his marriage usually only applies to husbands who WON’T sleep with you.LOL


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