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  1. This needs a funny tag 😛 Where should I start, the glassy eyes, raised eyebrow, slightly plucked lips, no-smile cliche mirror photo…finally is he really 24, if he is then I must be 14.

  2. Good Lord yet ANOTHER so called 20 something year old who looks 40. Dude you have been rode hard and put away wet. Like everyone else I only need to think once, not twice, about hitting that chat button. Which I would never, ever do with you.

  3. I wouldn’t think twice about the chat button, but surely only once for the block button. Don’t want to ruin lunch by scanning over this assbump.

  4. Let’s file this under “ironic”.

    Yep, we’ll think twice before clicking, but not for the reason you seem to think, asshole.

  5. So why is he even ON the site if he doesn’t want to talk to people? Is there a story behind that shit? I see that scenario a lot in these blog entries.

  6. Wow looking at my picture blown up makes me realize how stupid it really is. Sorry if anyone is offended by the comment but I was annoyed by the messages of ‘Looking?’ ‘Want to fuck?’ etc, I’m sure you’ve all got them once before. My reasoning for “think twice’ was solely aimed towards (I’m not looking to hook up) but I can see how some/most people would see it as me being a douche. Once again I’m sorry if my statement upset anyone.

  7. Wow, well looking at my picture larger then the iphone image does show that this is a terrible picture, but i’m not photogenic. I apologize if my statement offended people, it didn’t mean to be taken in the way that some/most of you have done so. i was tired of the silly comments such as “Looking?” “Want to have some fun?” etc… I’m sure you’ve all go them once before. It’s my mistake for making it sound as rude as it did and i’m sorry to anyone who felt they were effected by it. I’m not looking for hookups, which was why i stated “think twice”

    1. Dan, you never should have apologized, as you posted for which an apology is necessary. The queens on this site are pissed because they KNOW that you’d reject them, if you met them, and they’re just spewing the effeminate bitterness that makes them so unattractive, in the first place.

  8. He might actually be 24. Add some Tina and some booze, and maybe some cigarettes. Toss in a poor nights sleep, and there you go


  9. @Dan…Then you should delete your profile cause gay sites and apps are all basically hookup sites. If you are looking for friends or a boyfriend then go to Starbucks. With that attitude who would even bother saying hello.

  10. @Commenters

    The guy – Dan – apologized – SO MOVE ON.

    And also, it’s his app, he can look for a hookup, friends or chats or whatever he damn wants as long as he’s not being a douchebag about it.

  11. I actually went to highschool with Dan. I haven’t spoken to him in YEARS, but a friend of mine posted this ‘douchebagsofgrindr’ site on facebook, so here I am. I was not a particularly close friend of Dan’s. He was in a few of my classes and we were partners for a project together this one time. I am also now 24, but have not seen him since regrettably, but from what I remember from way back when, Dan is a genuinely nice and FUNNY guy. He was that popular nice guy who was sweet to you even if you weren’t the biggest social butterfly yourself. And how nice that we both turned out to be gay after all? (single, cute and looking btw, but back to the point!) Although I can see how his comment can be construed as off-putting, Dan’s a person who anyone would be happy to have met and chatted with. So please do not be so quick to judge. 🙂

  12. I dont know this guy in person but I’ve actually spoken to him on Grindr (Toronto) and he seemed genuinely nice. We didn’t have much in common, but he wasn’t disrespectful or anything.He didn’t really say anything racist or offensive…just a harmless disclaimer. I personally dont see anything wrong with it, but I can see how it can be misconstrued by nitpickers on Grindr. I love this blog and I think it does an amazing job of pointing out all the racist and malicious douchebaggery that goes on in the gay community…but I can tell you that this guy is no douche.

  13. I wonder what he might say to those individuals of whom he would be (physically) attracted to who takes him seriously…

    Say whoops? =D


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