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  1. He must be so fun to hookup with. He probably has you get a hotel room 2 towns over under a fake name. He comes climbing through the window so the desk clerk doesn’t see him. Soaking wet, to throw of his scent from the hounds that might be following him. All in an effort to make sure no one knows he takes it in the ass on a regular basis. Your 28, probably have no kids, and never have had a girlfriend that anyone has seen. They know your watching Logo when your alone! Get over the fear and be open and honest with yourself and the world. You will be allot happier. Plus, don’t hate on the fem guys just because they have the balls to be themselves in private and in public!

  2. This is the trend amongst queer youth, like myself, which I can’t stand. We need to essentially hate our homosexual urges and only like people who hate their homosexual urges as well, so as to blend in with the straight population. It’s despicable, and not what queer people before us have fought so hard for. We need to be proud of ourselves and show that regardless of our sexual orientation, we are still beautiful people. What he is displaying is not beautiful at all.

  3. I agree with this guy. I’m gay, I want men, not some little fairy flailing around like a girl. He’s not a douche at all, sorry some of you can’t respect people that aren’t yet out.

  4. No such thing as a fairy, they’re made up fictional characters from fairy tales.

    On a more serious note, he should choose better language. If he is into masc men he should just say it. And finally, the last time I checked, penis = man.

  5. Munchies, if he said he was into masc men, he would end up on this site just as quickly. Apparently having any sort of standards labels you as a douchebag on this site.

  6. I’m not fem, and I think this guy is super offensive. I used to take pride in the fact that I didn’t come off as gay. Now I try to be as open as possible. I like guys who are in the middle, but there is a huge difference in not being attracted to something, and demeaning what you’re not attracted to. A dude that is super fem nay not be my type, but he’s more of a man than a guy who lacks the authenticity to show his face.

  7. Plus, let’s face it, he doesn’t dislike fem guys because they’re not masculine per se, he dislikes fems because he’s afraid some fem guy he’s hooked up with might wave to him on the street and everyone will know he got pegged by a pansy. That’s also why he doesn’t want guys who are out.

  8. I think I’m more offended in his bad grammar. I’ve made it my duty in life to correct “there” “their” and “they’re” everytime I see it…. one horrible status at a time.

  9. @ John W, well said. Like all human beings, gay men come in different shapes, sizes and personalities. You can’t help who you are attracted to, but you can never justify declaring yourself as superior because you can pass as straight. Straight acting/ masculine/ butch, whatever label you use, is just a variation, not a higher order.

  10. I agree with Marcus. I’m Gay and not our as well. I like masc me. If I wanted a femmy guy I’d rather go for a chick. Why do you guys jump on people who aren’t out? That’s what I hate the bitchy gay scene!

  11. John John, it’s the offensive way he expressed his preference for closeted, masculine men, not the fact that he has one.

    Staying in the closet sends out a message that homosexuality is shameful and must be hidden. What you do is your business but you can’t ignore the statement you are making by choosing to hide your sexuality.

  12. Many of the above commenters seem to think he has something against fem or out guys, but what he really fears is being exposed as gay (a lot of us said we’re bi before we could admit that we’re actually gay).

    I honestly pity him.

  13. I’m out and open, AND NOT A FEM!!! What is this mindfuck!!? I must have come from an alternate universe where intelligent people can be honest with each other and enjoy themselves.

    it’s 2012. how is this kind of social bigotry still this rampant.

    All I have to say to all of you who’ve embraced being closeted like some kind of secret cult well into adulthood, you are the true embodiment of what it means to be a “faggot”.


  14. Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, filamies, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.

  15. The guy has a point, and your responses validate it.
    Look at how bitchy and effeminate they are, and you wonder why ANY masculine man wouldn’t want to be associated with that crap? Really…?
    Consider your ways…


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